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Educating China on the move: China’s relations with key strategic powers
12pm - 5pm

A Sociological Review Foundation Seminar Series
Funded by The Sociological Review Foundation
Organised by Keele University and Bath University
Seminar 3: Educating China on the move: China’s relations with key strategic powers
In this seminar, we will focus on China’s role as an education provider for mobile students and scholars in Asia and Africa. Our papers will investigate the impacts of educational (im)mobilities between China and such key strategic powers in Asia and Africa. There are compelling reasons to believe that the emerging political and economic ties between China and these above-mentioned powers have significant influences on individuals’ decisions over education (im)mobilities. By the end of this seminar we will have a greater understanding of the intricate relations between individual educational mobilities trajectories and inter-state dynamics in the regions and this will provide a significant insight for countries in the Global North.
Confirmed speakers include: Professor Ka Ho Mok (Lingnan University, Hong Kong), Dr Johanna L. Waters (Oxford University), Dr Dian Liu (University of Starvanger, Norway), Lulu Sun (IOE, UCL)
Registration is free of charge. Complimentary lunch and refreshments will be provided.
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The Privatisation of Israeli Security
7:30pm - 9:30pm

Israel is one of the world’s most neoliberal economies, and it has outsourced much of its control of the West Bank. Shir Hever examines the way it has commodified violent repression and turned the 50-year occupation into a profit centre for private enterprise.
Shir Hever is an Israeli political economist and activist now living in Heidelberg. He conducts research for the Alternative Information Center, a Palestinian-Israeli organisation active in Jerusalem and Beit Sahour. He is the author of The Political Economy of Israel’s Occupation (2010) and The Privatisation of Israeli Security (2017).