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Bath Treasure Hunt with 20% off at the finishing Treasure (the pub)
10am - 10pm

The Great Game is a daily exciting Treasure Hunt that you do on your own time when ever you want around the beautiful City of Bath. Upon purchasing your ticket please email info@ggtreasurehunts.com to redeem. There a different tickets for different groups of people. 
Single route - for 1-2 people or 3-4 people is great for seeing the sights and using your brain.
Once the ticket is redeemed via email your treasure hunt pack will be mailed out to you so please provided your address in your email. Each pack includes discount wrist bands for each player, a clipboard, a real compass, a map, the clues sheet, a prize sheet, a brief history of Bath and a pen.
Let us know the time you wish to begin your hunt and we will book you a table at the finishing "Treasure" a historic Bath Pub steeped in History, where you will 20% off your food and drink bill.
The Hunt starts at Bath Train Station and takes roughly 2-3 hours to complete, solving clues and riddles and puzzles as you wind through Bath viewing the sites of the city and trying to find the "Treasure" - The pub, where you simply show your Treasure Hunt wrist band to the staff to get your 20% discount on your food and drink bill.
You will be sure to have a fantastic half day or evening out!
Ball Machine Cardio Tennis Morning Marathon
10am - 12:30pm

Take on the Ball Machine in an intensive drills based workout on the tennis court and burn some pre Christmas Calories. Working on your reaction time, footwork, balance, timing and recovery. 2 hours of solid hitting followed by 30 minutes of play based activity to add that element of social and competitive fun! 
Nigel's Final Walk: Frampton on Severn
The Bath & Bristol Everything Meetup Group
11am - 3:30pm

I will be leaving the UK in December and so a bunch of people wanted me to put on one last walk. So here it is. The weather is likely to be rubbish, but the idea is to have a flat walk over the fields to Slimbridge and then back along the canal path to Frampton. Should be about 7-8 miles. Ending with a debrief in the pub. Usual disclaimers apply.

If the weather is awful we will just try to find a space in the pub to debrief the old walks.

Some notes on the walk a) The "plan" is to get to Slimbridge and perhaps stop in the pub there. But there are a lot of us, so we might not be able to all get in for food. So might be a good idea to bring a packed lunch (especially due to b below). b) If the weather is awful and very soggy under foot we might detour back at Cambridge and not make it to Slimbridge (making about a 6 mile walk, but we can extend this at Saul at the end if needs be).

c) If weather is really good we can extend at the end via Saul. With anyone not wanting to do this going back to cars at Frampton.

d) Pace is hopefully going to be fast (it is very flat). So to keep warm we will try to go between 2.5 and 3 miles an hour. If this is too fast for you do not come along, as everyone waiting for stragglers just means everyone else gets cold.
However, if very wet underfoot (which can get very boggy in this area) even fast walkers can sometimes find it hard to keep up 2 miles an hour

e) To give people a vague of times/distances. It is about four mile to Slimbridge and four miles back. The Cambridge shortcut cuts off about 2-3 miles. The Saul extension is another 2 miles or so.
Open Day
12pm - 4pm

Book your free ticket to our Grand Opening and enjoy taster sessions, festive treats, and get hands on with adult and young creative activities. Have a go throwing a pot on the wheel, or get stuck into some Christmas crafting. All ages welcome (children to be accompanied by an adult).

Savour + Collaboration- Artisan Chocolate and Cheese Tasting
3pm - 5:30pm

Savour + Collaboration-  Artisan Chocolate and Cheese
Join Tracy Chapman, Chocolate Taster and Judge on Sunday, Dec 3rd 3-5:30

An extraordinary session to explore two delicious foods with very different flavours- Chocolate and Cheese.
Artisan cheeses - Gouda, Goat Cheeses, Cheddar and Blue Cheese (from Paxton & Whitfield) have been paired together with Craft Chocolate including Dark, Milk and Nut Chocolates. During the event, there will be an introduction to the chocolate and cheese being sampled; then participants will explore the 5 paired combinations and taste for themselves- complimentary of flavour,aroma,texture and mouthfeel.
By the end of the session, participants can judge whether this Food combo- is truly the Food World’s power couple!
A few of the pairings will include wine, carefully selected to enhance both chocolate and cheese.
This event is for up to 8 participants. As space is limited, please be sure to sign up soon.
Bitconnect Bitcoin Introduction for more information
Bitconnect/bitcoin Money Earning For Begininers
8pm - 10pm

General discussion on Bitconnect and Bitcoins. Whether you are just starting or have already investment.
Purpose to meet like minded people.

Long Running Events:

Carol-singing for Save Bath Library
2nd December - 9th December

Join us outside the Guildhall on the following dates:
Sat 2nd December and Sat 9th December

To learn more go to https://www.facebook.com/groups/SaveBathLibrary/
4 Week Ski Fitness
20th November - 18th December

The 4 week Course will get those Ski Legs back in no time
The Package includes:
1x 45 Minute PT session
Fitness Tips for skiing, and recovery handouts for the slopes 
3 x Group Fitness Sessions
Tuesday 12.00-12.30 HIIT session
Thursday 6.30-7.30pm Legs/Core Strength
Friday 12.00-12.30 HIIT
Can be made at Vibe Fitness HQ
4 week Weight Loss Course
20th November - 18th December

This 4 week course gives you all the motivation you need to start making positive changes in your health and fitness
The package includes
1x45 minute PT session per week
handouts, workouts that can be done at home.
As many group fitness sessions as you can manage.
Monday 6-7pm
Tuesday 12.30-1pm 
Wednesday 6-7pm
Friday 7am-7.45am
Friday 12.30-1pm
Sat 9.30-10.00am
Can be made on site at Vibe Fitness HQ
Pencil To Paint
27th September - 13th December

“I think that painting today is pure intuition and luck.”
Francis Bacon on Matthew Smith (1909-1992)
For most of us, our relationship with art begins with a line. We take a pencil or a crayon and delineate our idea. In our enthusiasm, we may even attempt to colour it in. In the experience of many, that attempt leads only to disappointment. We know that a painting is more than just a coloured-in drawing, but how do we do it? What exactly is the difference?
This ten week course explores the gulf between drawing and painting and then seeks to provide a bridge between the two disciplines. Beginning with simple pencil studies, we will then develop our work in both charcoal and ink, gaining confidence in our abilities, before embarking on five weeks of painting in bold colour.
This course is open to all-comers and is ideal for beginners or those who wish to take their art in a new direction. 
Topics will include:
Line, measurement and proportion
Tonal value
Colour: theory and mixing
Tables and chairs and a roll of newsprint paper are provided. Please bring a drawing board, paper or pad and your preferred drawing media. Materials required for sessions using colour will be discussed nearer the time.
Tea, coffee and biscuits will be available for a small donation.
16:30 to 18:00
Wednesdays  27 September; 04, 18 October; 01, 08, 15, 22, 29 November; 06, 13 December 2017
Membership - Bath Business Partnership
12th February - 2nd January

This is not a one off event. Membership is £600 per year and can be payable annually. This includes 4 dinners per year with guest speakers from the political and business world at each dinner.  There will also be an opportunity for each dinner to be sponsored. 
Bath needs small and medium size companies to prosper; they are the backbone of our economy. Bath Business Partnership has been established to promote the interests of businesses within Bath.
We believe it is vitally important that our politicians understand the wide range of issues confronting businesses. I hope you will become a member of the Bath Business Partnership and through meetings with the people that influence our business community from both the political and business world that you will take the opportunity to acquaint them with your company’s positions.
You will have an opportunity to express your views on the way government treats small to medium businesses, what restricts their growth and how the future wealth generators of the country are affected by legislation.
The Bath Business Partnership will also provide an exclusive forum for companies to promote their products and services and to network with other business people to share expertise and knowledge.
We will be seeking to appoint founding patrons to the club that are successful local business people as well as local members. 
For more information, please contact Léonie Spencer directly at bathbusinesspartnership@gmail.com

There are 4 high quality dinners per year in Bath. These will be held at prestigious locations. Club membership includes all food and drink with no extra charge, and the menus and bar are of a high standard commensurate with members inviting their clients, family or personal guests. There is no fundraising of any nature at the dinners.
We have agreements from a number of high profile speakers from the political and business world to attend future dinners. These include:
11th May Dinner - Chris Skidmore - Member of Parliament (MP) for Kingswood, South Gloucestershire and Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Chancellor of the Exchequer. He is a regular guest on BBC political programmes, such as The Daily Politics, and sits on the Commons Select Committee on Education.
September 2017 - To be announced
December 2017 - To be announced
It would be helpful to know who our members would find it useful to hear from so we can take this into account when planning  future speakers.
There is always plenty of time to ask questions and have discussions with our attending guests and politicians. There will be opportunities to sponsor dinners and become a patron.
All proceeds after the costs of the events etc. go to Bath Conservative Association. We really believe that the Conservative Party is the Party for Business, and are very proud of this.