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Bath Treasure Hunt with 20% off at the finishing Treasure (the pub)
10am - 10pm

The Great Game is a daily exciting Treasure Hunt that you do on your own time when ever you want around the beautiful City of Bath. Upon purchasing your ticket please email info@ggtreasurehunts.com to redeem. There a different tickets for different groups of people. 
Single route - for 1-2 people or 3-4 people is great for seeing the sights and using your brain.
Once the ticket is redeemed via email your treasure hunt pack will be mailed out to you so please provided your address in your email. Each pack includes discount wrist bands for each player, a clipboard, a real compass, a map, the clues sheet, a prize sheet, a brief history of Bath and a pen.
Let us know the time you wish to begin your hunt and we will book you a table at the finishing "Treasure" a historic Bath Pub steeped in History, where you will 20% off your food and drink bill.
The Hunt starts at Bath Train Station and takes roughly 2-3 hours to complete, solving clues and riddles and puzzles as you wind through Bath viewing the sites of the city and trying to find the "Treasure" - The pub, where you simply show your Treasure Hunt wrist band to the staff to get your 20% discount on your food and drink bill.
You will be sure to have a fantastic half day or evening out!
Bath Business Lunch
11:30am - 2pm

Connect with successful, authentic business women over a healthy lunch with our top class business talks that will leave you inspired and raring to go. 
11:30 Coffee & networking12:00 Introductions12:25 Member Spotlight12:30 Lunch13:00 Talk13:30 Wonderbra session13:50 @WomBizClub14:00 End
Meeting Info:1st Wednesday of every month except December when we meet for our Maximise Conference   
About Women's Business Club:The Women's Business Club exists to connect, support and empower business women.Find out more at www.womensbusiness.club
FAQs:Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?No we have your booking on our system
Is there parking at the venue?Yes there is plenty of free parking.
What is the refund policy?We can't offer refunds but you are welcome to send someone else in your place. 
Midweek Coffee
Bath And District- Anything-goes Social Society
3pm - 4:30pm

Enjoy relaxed conversation and coffee or tea at this delightful venue in Bath. The numbers for this meetup are limited so with a bit of luck we will all be able to sit and talk together in a group.

NOTE: This event is at the Boston Tea Party at the top of town near the Assembly Rooms, not at the one in Kingsmead Square!
What's Taboo?
Café Philo Bristol and Bath
7:30pm - 10pm

• What we'll do

Are there any taboo subjects left now? In what contexts? What, if any, topics cannot be discussed even in the open-minded and respectful confines of a Cafe Philo meetup? Why are they taboo? How are taboos enforced? Do taboos provide useful social functions? Have we perhaps become too free - could we do with some new taboos? If so what? Thanks to Mark for preparing this month's topic...

'Zounds! Those devilish Cafe Philo philosophers are back for another year, damn their eyes!

If you were living in the eighteenth century, you’d be blanching (or worse) at this, because ‘Zounds (God’s wounds), damn, and devilish were among the worst and most shocking swear-words of the day.

A century or so later they were unremarkable, and yet puritanical sexual prohibitions meant that “[s]uddenly, Americans avoided saying “leg”, and the British referred to breasts as ‘the upper stomach’.” [1]

There are examples of taboos. Originally the word referred to the strong prohibition of actions that were believed to be too sacred or too accursed for ordinary individuals (or mortals) to perform. Virtually all societies have such prohibitions, though what is prohibited may vary between societies and within a society over time. Freud thought that incest and patricide were the only two universal taboos and formed the basis of civilisation [2, 3].

Nowadays the term taboo has been expanded from referring to the purely sacred or accursed actions to any human activity that contravenes strong moral or religious beliefs.

As illustrated above, taboos evolve over time, emerging and disappearing. Is our age different, though — have taboos been overthrown and now it’s a case of “anything goes”? It seems not. While the children of the 60s may have lost their religious and sexual hangups (at least, in the secular West), with previously taboos sexual swear-words now in common use, these taboos appear to have been replaced by ones for slurs relating to racial or sexual identity: the “n-word” or the many once-common derogatory terms for gay men, for example.

Since taboos depend on a sense of the sacred, one might ask what remains sacred to our secular society? Historically, the sacred was the realm of gods or religion – so in the 18th century, many felt that diverting a river was a profane act, because it involved altering God’s plans. Some see God’s central role in defining the sacred being replaced by nature – the religious sense of awe replaced by the sense of awe evoked by the natural realm. If so, is it clear what taboos might flow from this? Perhaps driving diesel cars may become one, or otherwise wantonly damaging the environment?

Is death now a taboo subject? In an age that venerates youth, some say that talking about death has become taboo (e.g., “the C-word”). [4] Perhaps the billions of dollars that Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and VCs are pouring into “life extension” technologies are a reflection of this? Similarly, Stephen Fry has said that mental health is one

• What to bring

• Important to know
Note this venue asks for a donation of £7.50 for use of the room that they donate to their children's charity so if all attendees can chip in to cover this then that would be great :)
Free Meditation & Yoga – just show up–we start on Wednesday in Bath 7.30pm
Free Meditation & Yoga Bath
7:30pm - 9pm


Hello there! - We'd like to welcome you to Free weekly meetings hosted by Michael, Bernard which take place at the:

John Williams Room (2nd Floor), United Reformed Church Halls, Grove St, Bath, BA2 6PJ,

on Wednesday evenings from 7.30pm until 9.00pm

With Sahaja Yoga Meditation we normally sit on chairs to achieve yoga, effortlessly & spontaneously. No Mats or special clothing required.

All across the globe, many are seeking new sources of energy. Meanwhile, the most transformative energy of all is hiding in plain sight, within us. It's natural, sustainable, and infinitely renewable. It's called inner kundalini energy. And everyone already has it — everyone!. It is often likened to an inner feminine or motherly energy which automatically knows about us and what is needed to help us restore balance and harmony within our subtle being. It works spontaneously, effortlessly, organically and cannot be paid for.

Sahaja Yoga Meditation is a simple time-honoured technique that lets you tap into that energy and harness its power to become better balanced and better connected to yourself — emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.

If you're having trouble juggling the challenges in your life, Sahaja Yoga Meditation might well help you manage stress, master your emotions and find solutions to your problems. You may enjoy better health, better focus, and a deeper understanding of the universe and your place in it.

Meditation is not just for mystics and monks. Sahaja Yoga meditation is for everyone. Anyone can do it. It's that easy. But with the Sahaja Yoga experience, you'll quickly realise, it isn't your typical Meditations 'R Us type class. It's much more than just feeling peaceful and relaxed. Sahaja Yoga Meditation has many layers, varied and deep. Explore at your own pace, in your own way. Our volunteer experts are always available to help.

Ready to plug into your inner energy? A Sahaja Yoga Meditation class is a great way to start. A few minutes of your life may be all it takes to connect to your inner energy and light the path to lifelong transformation. Sahaja Yoga is more than a temporary solution or quick relief — it is a journey, rather than a destination. It's all about energy — guaranteed pure and carbon neutral. You can never have too much of it.

The best part? All classes are free. No strings, no catch.
Everyone is welcome. Bring a friend, bring your self — all are welcome.

We have a web site here in London too which you can visit for more info about weekly meetings: www.sahajayogalondon.co.uk

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