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Marketing Communications for Business Owners - Bath
9am - 1pm

Marketing Comunications for Business Owners
Free of Charge thanks to the European Regional Development Fund, Bath and North East Somerset Council and other members of the Enterprising West of England consortium
This event is restricted to business based in Bath and North East Somerset.  If your business is based elsewhere please contact us to discuss how we may be able to help.
If you find Marketing daunting or want to understand how to reach more customers, this workshop is for you.
During the course of the morning we will explore areas of marketing such as 

Why marketing can make the sale easier

Company and personal branding

Making your company stand out

Effective Networking

Researching your competitors

Telemarketing and telesales


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One to One Business Support session 18 January 2018
9:45am - 10:45am

This session is free of charge thanks to the European Regional Development Fund, Bath and North East Somerset Council and other members of the Enterprising West of England Consortium.
Providing 12 hours of free support to businesses and start up businesses in the Council area, this session will form part of that delivery.  If this is your first engagement with us, this session will include a diagnostic review of your business or business proposition and we will agree a detailed action plan for you including further one to one support, workshops or referrals.
Subjects that you might want to consider are :

writing a business plan
understanding accounts
financing your business
product development
leadership and management training

If you live or plan to start your business within the BANES area, or you already have a business in BANES book your session now, or contact us on 01225 580850 or email us at banes@coolventures.co.uk.
Your adviser for this session will be Emma Smith

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Bath Treasure Hunt with 20% off at the finishing Treasure (the pub)
10am - 10pm

The Great Game is a daily exciting Treasure Hunt that you do on your own time when ever you want around the beautiful City of Bath. Upon purchasing your ticket please email info@ggtreasurehunts.com to redeem. There a different tickets for different groups of people. 
Single route - for 1-2 people or 3-4 people is great for seeing the sights and using your brain.
Once the ticket is redeemed via email your treasure hunt pack will be mailed out to you so please provided your address in your email. Each pack includes discount wrist bands for each player, a clipboard, a real compass, a map, the clues sheet, a prize sheet, a brief history of Bath and a pen.
Let us know the time you wish to begin your hunt and we will book you a table at the finishing "Treasure" a historic Bath Pub steeped in History, where you will 20% off your food and drink bill.
The Hunt starts at Bath Train Station and takes roughly 2-3 hours to complete, solving clues and riddles and puzzles as you wind through Bath viewing the sites of the city and trying to find the "Treasure" - The pub, where you simply show your Treasure Hunt wrist band to the staff to get your 20% discount on your food and drink bill.
You will be sure to have a fantastic half day or evening out!
Museum Skills: Understanding Museum Audiences
10am - 4:30pm

About the Day
Who are they? What do they like? Why have they come to visit? What can your museum offer them? And how can you get them to come back?
An informative session that will seek to help you answer questions about audiences and learn about the different tools and technique you can use to build a clear picture of who your current audiences are, who your potential audiences could be and how this can provide benefits right across the museum. Using case studies from the sector as well as opportunities to discuss your own experiences, this will be a practical day that covers the essentials of good audience data collection and how to turn this data in to insight and actions that can help make your museum more audience focused.

Who should attend?
Museum staff and volunteers who would like to examine the use of audience insights and look a little more in-depth at how to sustain a good understanding of museum audiences.

What will you learn?
After the day’s session you should:

Have a better understanding of who your audiences are and who they could be

Feel more confident about collecting audience data

Feel inspired to try new approaches to audience engagement

Have heard relevant case studies from the sector and from your peers

How does this session relate to Arts Council England’s Accreditation Standard?
The course supports the following Requirements of the Accreditation Standard:
3.1.1 The museum must understand who its users and non-users are.
3.1.2 The museum must evaluate and analyse information to assess users’ needs.
3.1.3 The museum devises plans to broaden its range of users.
Session Leader
This session is led by Rachel Kavanagh, Audiences and Insights Officer for South West Museum Development. Rachel has a background in audience-focused roles from visitor services and exhibitions posts at the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust; to collections and interpretation work for the Royal Shakespeare Company Collection & Archive; and latterly at National Trust, Tyntesfield where she was responsible for visitor and volunteer access and engagement in her role as Assistant House Manager.

Creative Kids Club
10am - 12pm

Book a one-to-one session with master ceramicist Amy Palmer Fry and learn the techniques required to throw pots on the wheel. Ages 12 and over
Ova to you.. Bath
12pm - 4pm

Ova to you.. Bath is the first of our regional support and awareness events taking place in 2018. 
We would like to invite you to join our ‘Ova to you.. Bath’ event on Thursday 18th January 2018. This day will consist of two sessions around providing support for those affected by ovarian cancer and raising awareness of the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer. All are welcome to join and food and hot drinks will be provided during both sessions. 
Support: for all those affected by ovarian cancerThis session is tailored for those directly affected by ovarian cancer. This includes women who have recently received an ovarian cancer diagnosis; women who have had a recurrence; women living with the disease; women who are currently in remission and those dealing with side effects of treatment for ovarian cancer. Family, friends and partners supporting women with ovarian cancer are also welcome.
Anna Hudson, the Ovacome Support Service Manager will be answering your questions and providing support. Anna will discuss any topics the group wishes. This may include talking to your doctor/ medical teams, dealing with anxiety around appointments and ill health. Coping with the side effects of treatment, how you can get a second opinion.
Anna can also discuss how we advocate as patient representatives to NICE and around drug licensing and new treatments.
Awareness: learning the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancerOvarian cancer is very often misdiagnosed and when women know the symptoms themselves it can lead to earlier diagnosis and clearer routes in to treatment. There is no screening for ovarian cancer and the symptoms are often misunderstood by both women and medical professionals.  More women are diagnosed when they are admitted through A&E than by referral from gynaecological services.  
We are holding an awareness raising afternoon where the Ovacome staff team will be available to answer your questions, alongside an Ovacome member who will be sharing her personal experience of ovarian cancer.
You can collect awareness materials and find out more about how to raise awareness of ovarian cancer in your community.
We will also be providing information on issues like risk factors for ovarian cancer, how to remember the signs using our BEAT messaging and what to do if you have any concerns.
You can find the full programme below: 
12.00 - 2.00 pm : Session one - Support session with Ovacome Support Service Manager, Anna Hudson. 
 2.30 - 4.00 pm : Session two - Raising awareness presentation by Ovacoem member and drop in session. 

If you have any questions or any special dietary requiremtns please contacts us on 0800 008 7054 or email hello@ovacome.org.uk
One to One Business Support session 18 January 2018
2pm - 3pm

This session is free of charge thanks to the European Regional Development Fund, Bath and North East Somerset Council and other members of the Enterprising West of England Consortium.
Providing 12 hours of free support to businesses and start up businesses in the Council area, this session will form part of that delivery.  If this is your first engagement with us, this session will include a diagnostic review of your business or business proposition and we will agree a detailed action plan for you including further one to one support, workshops or referrals.
Subjects that you might want to consider are :

writing a business plan
understanding accounts
financing your business
product development
leadership and management training

If you live or plan to start your business within the BANES area, or you already have a business in BANES book your session now, or contact us on 01225 580850 or email us at banes@coolventures.co.uk.
Your adviser for this session will be Emma Smith

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British Foreign Policy after Brexit
5:15pm - 7pm

Open to all with free registration in advance
On Thursday 18 January, former Foreign Secretary Lord Owen will speak at the University of Bath on the topic of British foreign policy after Brexit. Drawing on his recent book of the same title, co-authored with former diplomat David Ludlow, Lord Owen will explore how Britain’s global role can be enhanced after it leaves the European Union.
Abstract: Former Foreign Secretary Lord Owen, who backed leaving the EU, argues that Britain’s global role and influence can be enhanced, rather than diminished, post-Brexit. He will examine what lies ahead, encompassing a diplomatic, security, development and trade agenda based on hard-headed realism.
Lord Owen sees Britain’s continuing commitment to global security as key, and will recommend that the Government should announce as soon as possible that they will increase the defence budget to 2.5% of GDP by 2022. This is not an impossible target, given the Government’s commitment to inflation-proof defence over the next five years and the National Security Council’s new decision-making over the budgets of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the Ministry of Defence and the Department for International Development. It would send a hugely positive signal that Obama and Trump's charge that European countries are ‘freeloading’ will not apply to the UK.
Money talks and the UK's deployment to Estonia reinforces that message, Lord Owen maintains. He will argue that the UK should not be distracted by European Union defence initiatives. It should concentrate geographically and in equipment on hard defence in Europe, and contribute its two aircraft carriers as the basis for a rapid reaction force worldwide at the disposal of NATO or the UN. But the UK should accept its limitations and focus its diplomatic activity on issues where it has specific experience, he will conclude, such as the Law of the Sea, and in defining a global presence that it can afford and sustain.
Speaker profile
Lord David Owen was MP for Plymouth between 1966 and 1992, serving in successive Labour Governments as Navy Minister, Health Minister and Foreign Secretary. He was co-founder of the Social Democratic Party, and its Leader from 1983 to 1990. He currently sits in the House of Lords as an independent Social Democrat.
From 1992 to 1995 Lord Owen served as EU peace negotiator in the former Yugoslavia. From 1999 to 2005 he was Chairman of New Europe, an organisation that successfully campaigned for the UK to stay outside the Eurozone while remaining a member of the EU. In 2012 he published Europe Restructured: The Eurozone Crisis and Its Aftermath.
In the wake of David Cameron’s failed negotiations, Lord Owen campaigned in the 2016 referendum for the UK to leave the EU, recognising that ‘Europe has moved away from us. Its elite chose a different path long ago and it is not a path the UK ever wished to follow.’
Thrings Link
6pm - 8pm

Your invited to join us 
serial entrepreneur
 Lex Deak
 for the first Thrings Link of 2018
January meetup - talks and chat
ITGirls Collaborative - tech sector founders & freelancers
6pm - 7:45pm

Long overdue (and subsumed by Bath Digital Festival and Web Summit) but finally putting a date in the calendar for the next meetup.

Usual format - couple of talks and a wildcard slot. Speakers to be announced - please let me know if you would like to volunteer for a slot :)

Welcome to new members who have signed up since the last meeting - look forward to seeing you soon!

Building credibility for successful managers: Looking and being the part
6:15pm - 8:15pm

People are often recruited or promoted into management roles with little or no training and support. The skills of 'doing the job' are one aspect of success (or even just making life a little bit easier for now). Looking and being the part can be as important though.

What you will learn:
Challenges faced by new managers:

Consider being promoted above your friend
Consider objections posed by team members
Honesty of responses to "How can I improve?"
Perceptions: building on positive, mitaging negative 
Assessing the environment and fitting in (include over-confidence and arrogance) (contractor rule, blending in, dressing 'one up')

Looking the part:

Physical attributes

Being the part:

Dealing with nerves
Making an entrance
Voice projection - confidence when speaking
Empathy and body language in meetings

Book now. Join Rob Hart for a sympathetic, enlightening and useful journey into some 'tricks of the trade' that a new manager can implement to improve their lot at work. 

About Rob Hart:  Rob received formal management and leadership training at The Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, and subsequently served for seven years as an Army Officer.  After leaving the forces, Rob then worked in a number of management disciplines with the United Nations, Government, corporate and small businesses and start-ups.  He now shares his experience with others.  He is a confident and competent all-round manager, with extensive training and experience of management and leadership in various environments. Specialisms include operations, strategy, projects/ programmes, systems and process, risk, change management, resources, capability, teams and staff.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR MANAGE AND THRIVE LTD Looking and being the part: Building credibility for successful managers TRAINING EVENT
The "Organiser" – Manage and Thrive Ltd, trading as Manage and Thrive Training, whose registered address is at The Guild, High Street, Bath, BA1 5EB
The "Event" – Looking and being the part: Building credibility for successful managers training event
The "Attendee" - The person booking this event through the Eventbrite website
The "Booking Fee"- £80.00 or as per ticket type
The "Website" – www.manage-and-thrive.co.uk
The "Event Period" – Thursday 18th January 2018, 18:15 - 20:15
1. The Event shall be held during the Event Period. The details of the Event will be set out on the Website for the duration of the Event Period.
2. The Attendee is entitled to entry to the Event in exchange for payment of the Booking Fee. The Booking Fee is payable upfront upon making the booking on the Eventbrite website. Every Attendee has the right to cancel its booking and receive a full refund of the Booking Free up to 14 days from the date of making the booking, but no later than 7 days prior to the Event commencement. After this date no refunds will be made. Cancelation is to be requested through the Eventbrite website or by emailing the Organiser directly using contact details set out on the Website. The target time to respond to compliant cancelation requests is five business days. In the event that the Organiser fails to honour a refund that an Attendee believes is due under this refund policy, that Attendee may request that Eventbrite initiate a refund by contacting Eventbrite as per the Eventbrite website.
3. A full refund limited to the Booking Fee will be made if the Event is cancelled.
4. The schedule and content of the Event may vary from the description set out on the Website and is at the sole decision of the Organiser. Neither the Organiser nor any third parties provide any warranty or guarantee as to the accuracy, timeliness, performance, completeness or suitability of the information and materials found or offered on the Website or at the Event for any particular purpose. The Attendee acknowledges that such information and materials may contain inaccuracies or errors and the Organiser expressly excludes liability for any such inaccuracies or errors to the fullest extent permitted by law.
5. The Organiser reserves the right to withdraw, change trainer, amend number of attendees, otherwise alter, exclude or move the location of the Event at the Organiser's sole discretion.
6. The Organiser may be taking photographs during the Event. By making this booking the Attendee acknowledges and accepts that he/she may feature in those photographs and that they may be used on the Website or in literature for the purposes of marketing. Photographs will not be made available to any Attendee.
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8. The Organiser may collect the names and personal details of the Attendee (including, but not limited to, their postal address, email, telephone number and date of birth). The Organiser warrants that the names and personal details of the Attendee will be held and processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.
Bath Ruby Hangout
Bath Ruby User Group
6:30pm - 9pm

Bath Ruby Hangouts are bi-weekly, agenda-free get togethers in Picnic Coffee shop, bring your laptop and pair on a problem you've been having or just come along to chat about ruby, rails or anything really with other local ruby people. Picnic have upgraded their wifi especially for us and will be reserving some tables with power, everything you need for a relaxed evening with some very good teas, coffees, beers and cakes.
Introducing the Philosophers
7:30pm - 9:45pm


Important: First please read about the aims and requirements of this group in What we're about. To find it click on blue Introducing the Philosophers above.

The meetup will concentrate on notions surrounding Kant's categorical imperative. This was discussed in Melvyn Bragg's In Our Time on Radio 4, on 21 September 2017. Please listen to it to prepare for the discussion.

The following are concepts that come up in the programme. What did Kant mean by them? Prepare yourselves to explain, comment on, support or criticise them.

hypothetical imperatives vs categorical imperatives

innate ability to know right from wrong

good will as the basis for good intentions

unconditional goodness

consequences vs intentions

'the right thing to do' as the basis for intentions

behaviour based on principles we would wish to be universal laws

reason is used for non-moral reasoning (eg it looks like rain, I should take an umbrella); Kant argues it can be used for moral reasoning too

happiness as the basis for morality
Minerva WI Launch
7:30pm - 9:30pm

New Year's resolution to meet more people in Bath? Why not join a brand new Women's Institute.
We're looking for women to join out fabulous new WI on 18th January. Our first meeting we'll have the formation of the committee, a meet and greet, followed by a craft activity to design your very own tote bag!
Plans for following months include, Zumba, Mindfulness, Bake Offs, and heaps of other fun activities.
Membership fee for 1 year of a activities is £41. Or just come along as a guest to the first meeting for £4.50, includes your tote bag and some yummy cakes. If you like it, we'll knock the £4.50 off your total years' membership of £41.
Can't wait to meet you there.

Badminton (Bristol)
The Bath & Bristol Everything Meetup Group
8pm - 9pm


Badminton is booked for 8:00pm on Thursday 18th January (Main Hall court 1) at Kingsdown Sports Centre, Portland Street, BS2 8HL. All are welcome, it's a 60 minute long session and we may head to a nearby pub afterwards.

Please let me know if you are going to attend by Wednesday at the latest. I would prefer that we have at least 4 players, otherwise I may cancel the booking.

Note: When arriving at reception you will need to say that you're attending a badminton session in my name (Matthew Barker). Also, they may require that you to sign up for a (free) Everyone Active membership.

See you there,
Matt ([masked])


Q: How does it work?
A: It's pretty informal, but I would like to know in advance if you are going to attend. (If, by the day before the booking, fewer than 4 people say they are going, I may cancel the booking.) On the day, just turn up in the sports hall with your kit at the booked time and we'll play as many games as we can in the time, rotating through the available players after each one. Usually we play doubles up to 11 points, but this can vary depending on the number of players. Afterwards, we often go to a nearby pub afterwards for a drink and a chat.

Q: How often do you play?
A: Usually every two weeks.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: Between £1 and £5 per session, depending on how many people turn up, but usually between £1.50 and £2.50.

Q: What is the standard of play?
A: This is hard to specify, but it's mixed and generally not high, so a novice shouldn't find it too challenging.

Q: How many courts are booked?
A: Only one court is booked, but if there are more than 4 people we play to 11 points (rather than the usual 21) to allow waiting players to get a game more often.

Q: Who can attend?
A: It is open to all (and usually has a combination of men and women). Come along and see if it suits you.

Q: I'm new to the group, how can I find you?
A: Sometimes the expected court number will be specified in advance, otherwise if you don't fancy asking around, you can let me know you'll be coming and I can arrange to meet you.

Q: What parking facilities are there?
A: The sports centre has its own car parks and there is usually on-street parking nearby. There are also bicycle stands outside the entrance.

Q: Can I just turn up for the pub afterwards?
A: Of course, though we don't always go and the choice of pub can vary so it's best to let me know in advance.

Q: Do I need my own racquet?
A: Preferably, though you can hire one from the sports centre (currently for £2 with £5 deposit). For newcomers, I can sometimes bring a spare on request.

Q: What type of shuttles are used?
A: Feather shuttles are provided and included in the session cost.

Q: What rules do you play with?
A: We usually play using 'rally point scoring', i.e. points are scored regardless of who serves, and when the serving side loses a rally, the serve changes immediately to the opponents. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Badminton#Scoring_system_and_service.
CHARITY PUB QUIZ- St. James' Wine Vaults BATH
Bath And District- Anything-goes Social Society
8:15pm - 10:30pm

CHARITY PUB QUIZ - By popular demand


ARRIVE EARLY to grab seats please - 8pm would be good for those who can.

Starts 9pm sharp.

Each team member pays £1.

1st place - £25.
2nd place - bottle of wine or a box of chocolates.
3rd place - a box of chocolates.

BONUS: Snowball at the end with rolling cash prize if not won.

This is a good quality quiz with variety.

Full details: http://www.stjameswinevaults.co.uk/Charity.html

Supporting Dorothy House & Julian House Charities.

Long Running Events:

Meetup ski trip
The Bath & Bristol Everything Meetup Group
12th January - 19th January

Had to change the dates on this one due to easy jet flight calendar change so now we are going Friday to Friday ....

Ok guys I have found a couple of lovely chalets for us to book so now looking for deposits so we can get booked up before they sell out. I have changed the dates to coincide with EasyJet flights as the only do 2 flights per week

accomodation will be no more than £200.00 per person

food kitty £30.00 per person

minibus hire for 8 people approx £60.00 per person

ski hire can either be booked in resort or pre ordered through intersportrent.com just go through options and select wengen

I suggest we all book our own flights best option is EasyJet Bristol to Basel but not available to book until closer to the date.

I am looking for a deposit of £100.00 per person to secure your place once I have 8 deposits I can book the first chalet,additional chalets can be booked as more deposits are paid.

lease deposit into meetup bank account using your name as reference then leave a message on here to let me and Claire know you have paid

account details Claire Brash

account number[masked]

sort code[masked]

Looking at booking a self catering chalet in the car less resort of wengen... the week chosen coincides with the men's downhill race and is known as the the best party in the skiing world the atmosphere in town being amazing
Price based on 10 sharing a chalet approx £180.00 per person accommodation plus flights at about £60.00 return from Bristol with easyJet .. other costs will be ski hire and lift passes .... anyone interested pls rsvp and once we get idea of numbers we can get more accurate prices
8th January - 20th January

*New promotion!* V-Fit are offering the chance to WIN 10 personal training sessions and 6 weeks of group training. The ultimate fitness package! New Year progress guaranteed. All you need to do to for a chance to win is come along to a group session trial during our 2 free weeks. Please share with anyone you think might be interested in trying something new.
6 Week Ski Fitness
8th January - 15th February

The 6 week Course will get those Ski Legs back in no time
The Package includes:
1x 45 Minute PT session per week (fixed slot)
Fitness Tips for skiing, and recovery handouts for the slopes 
3 x Group Fitness Sessions per week including:
HIIT session and Legs/Core Strength
Can be made at Vibe Fitness HQ