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The Guild Board Games Evening
The Guild Bath- Social Evenings
6pm - 10:30pm

Free to all Guild members/£3 all others

This is a regular games night held at The Guild coworking hub in the centre of Bath. We're a friendly bunch of people with a wide range of gaming experience from old hands to total newbies, so there's no experience needed. We supply games, food and drinks, and you are also welcome to bring your own games too. We may have more than one game running at the same time so there should be something to interest you.

The nights are free to Guild members, and £3 for non members- this covers the games, some delivery pizzas and drinks.
New year- New Books!
Ladies of Bath Book/Wine Meetup
7pm - 10pm

Hi all!

Hope you all had a fabulous Christmas- if like me, you indulged a bit too much, but, like me, you wont be bothering to attempt a dry January, you'll hopefully be up for some late Jan drinks and chats!

I know that most are still ploughing through "The break" - I did suggest "Night walking" By Sarah Moss a couple of weeks ago but don't want to inundate you all with books!

Had some great suggestions (thank you!) So have noted them down for future reading.

As always, these meetups are entirely open so there is never any pressure to read/ finish any of the books.

Will update closer to the time so please save the date!

Any questions or first timers- please feel free to message me.

Look forward to seeing/ meeting you all in the new year!

Tracy x
Another great evening of speeches, thinking on your feet, meeting of minds....
Bath Spa Toastmasters - Public Speaking Group
7:15pm - 9:30pm

You are warmly invited to join our 2nd Toastmasters Meeting of 2018

Are you making time to improve your skills? How about:
- Learn to craft a speech with everything the course teaches us
- Get a huge buzz from delivering to the crowd
- Chat and have some time with friends, meet new ones, have fun :)

As always, speeches from our own members and one of the speeches is entitled: 'If not now, then when?' We also have Table Topics for thinking on your feet, and lots of opportunities to speak and enjoy the evening.

This week's Table Topics will be loosely based around the theme 'New Year's Resolutions'. More information will be given on the night... Guests always have the choice of whether they would like to participate and there is no pressure. :-) Maybe you would just like to watch the first time and see what we do?

Everyone is welcome to attend (no cost) and we ask everyone to arrive around 7.15pm so we can start the speeches on time. So come along then join us afterwards for a drink or two - we'd love to see you!

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Want to know more about the TM programs to improve both your speaking, stage presence and group skills (leadership in taking roles which make our meetings a success)?

Want to see us on Facebook?

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Bath Spa Toastmasters gets your speaking, thinking and presenting skills sharper. It’s a sure way of gaining confidence, both in front of an audience and in everyday life.
Stargazers in Bath: Meet, chat, share, and plan
Bath Astronomers
7:30pm - 8:30pm

• What we'll do
An informal session for would-be and die-hard amateur astronomers in and around Bath. Each session will include a welcome and an overview of observing the skies in the month ahead. Members will be able to show and tell an aspect of their hobby whether it be astrophotography, building telescopes, counting meteors or adventures to darker skies around the World.

• What to bring
Having trouble with your binoculars or telescope. Bring it along for some advice.

• Important to know
It would be appreciated if a contribution was made to the cost of hiring the room. £2 would be very helpful.