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Cybercrime, The New GDPR and Your Business
10am - 12pm

7 Mistakes You Are Making In Your Business Which Leaves You Wide Open To Cybercrime 
Cybercrime is at an all-time high, and hackers are setting their sights on small and medium business who are “low hanging fruit”. This seminar will get you started in protecting everything you’ve worked so hard to build. 
And the 10 key areas that require your attention now, in preparation for the new GDPR regulations. 
On 25 May 2018 most processing of personal data by organisations will have to comply with the General Data Protection Regulations. 
Good information handling makes good business sense. You'll enhance your business's reputation, increase customer and employee confidence, and by making sure personal information is accurate, relevant and safe, save both time and money. 
Speakers are Adam Morris, MD of Avagio and Oliver Price, Partner at Wansbroughs. 
Adam Morris is the founder and Managing Director of Avagio IT Services Limited, an IT support and solutions company helping small and medium sized businesses manage growth, increase profits, and become more efficient through the effective implementation, management and support of IT. 
With over 25 years’ experience in IT, working with organisations with between 1 and 1000 computers, Adam is passionate about ensuring businesses achieve their goals through the right selection, implementation and management of IT. 
Over recent years cyber security has become far more of a threat to SMEs and this has led Adam to become a cyber security expert, and Avagio now focus heavily on ensuring their clients are protected against the myriad of security threats. 
Oliver Price is a partner in the commercial team at Wansbroughs solicitors, a full service firm, based in Wiltshire and serving clients nationwide. 
His role on the Board of Wansbroughs includes experience as the Compliance Officer for Finance and Administration. 
Oliver’s professional work as a disputes lawyer of over 20 years experience encompasses the fields of commercial and real estate work. 
His interest in regulation and compliance stems from an unusual specialism in the law – business rates.
Next Generation Careers: 2017 Review - The Future of Employment and Skills
4pm - 6pm

What are the current and future skills needs of our employers? 
In partnership with the West of England LEP, Business West, through our Skills West Programme, has been working with businesses in the region to understand the skills and training needs across all sectors now, and for the next generation.
We'd now like to present an overview of our collated findings with you, by disseminating our 12 Local Sector Skills Statements and show where we are going next. You'll gain up-to-date information to share with individuals and help shape your organisation's future thinking and planning over the next year.
We are hosting events across the region which all providers of education or learning are welcome to attend. 
We will present our 12 Local Sector Skills Statements and up-to-the-minute findings from our 2017 Business Skills and Training Survey. You'll hear from local employers and apprentices about how they work with training providers and gain advice for making it a successful partnership. You will also receive a copy of the 12 Local Sector Skills Statements and have the chance to find out;

What the skills needs and challenges are for the region
What curriculum and careers advice support is out there
How the education landscape is responding
How the business landscape is responding
Opportunity to network with the local businesses and education providers/careers/advice support organisation

Please note: This event is for West of England (Bristol, Bath & North East Somerset, South Gloucestershire & North Somerset) organisations only. Places are limited. We may only be able to offer one place per organisation/training provider.
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The Steep Sessions 1 : Tea & Health
6pm - 7:30pm

In the first Steep Session of 2018 we will explore the theme of Tea & Health.  
We are frequently asked about the Health benefits of tea and for many people this question is aimed at the properties of the plant itself.  What is often not taken into consideration is how valuable the process of drinking tea is to health. By this we mean mental health. The ceremony of taking tea, whether as simple as putting a teabag in a mug or as complex as a full Gongfu ceremony is a pause from life. 
Tea & Health will explore tea from both perspectives.  Starting with an introduction to the properties of tea we will then invite Camille from 'How to live well' [bio below] to guide us through a tea meditation.  The evening will end around a communal table with tea & a warming vegetarian curry.  A chance to connect.  
January Guest : Camille Gibson : “I discovered meditation in my late twenties, when I was going through a particular difficult period in my life. My marriage had just fallen apart, and I was thrown into the challenges of single parenting two young children. Desperately seeking some kind of solace from the misery I was feeling, I turned up at my local Buddhist group for a meditation class. From that first evening I was hooked. In those early years my meditation practice was steeped in Zen tradition- black robes and sitting for hours in complete stillness. My life was an interesting mix of devoted Buddhist practice and full on crazy single parenting. I would move between week long silent retreats to a daily life where there was barely a moment to myself. It meant rising early every morning to meditate, and some days the only moment of stillness I could find was behind a locked bathroom door.  But it was worth it. Those moments of stillness brought me to a deep understanding of myself, and with that came healing and a renewed love of life.  I’ve been meditating for more than fifteen years now, and although I’ve moved away from my strict Zen training, my practice remains strong.   
What is great about mindfulness practice is that it can be incorporated into any daily activity, immediately making it a restful and restorative experience.  Tea drinking is a perfect example. By slowing down and using our senses to fully connect to the experience of making and drinking tea, it is transformed into an enriching and enlightening ritual- a meditation of sorts.