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Git for aspiring developers and data scientists (workshop)
Bath Machine Learning Meetup
7pm - 9pm

- Have you heard of Git/GitHub and want to know how to use it?
- Are you tired of naming your files SuperImportantDocument-Malcolm-Reynolds-v03-December-2017-FINAL.txt?
- Do you want to get a job where you write code?
- Have you ever accidentally lost your work because it was deleted or changed in Dropbox etc.?
- Do you want to contribute code, documentation, data etc. to Bath-ML's public repositories?

Then this event is for you.

Git is the de facto industry standard version control system, and as such is a tool most professionals in a technical role need to be comfortable with (don't worry if this went over your head - we'll cover all that during this event!). This event is *for beginners*, and we will cover the fundamental Git concepts from scratch. By the end of the event you will know enough about Git and GitHub to:
- Contribute to open source projects
- Start building your own portfolio of your work on GitHub
- Ask for reviews of your work from your team and review other people's work using pull requests

We will cover:
- The basics of Git using the command line
- How to synchronise your work with your team using a public repository (Github)
- If time, we'll also explore and demo a graphical user interface (GUI) for Git

Bring a laptop to follow along. Install Git for your operating system from https://git-scm.com/downloads before the event to save time. (Windows users: please DO install git-bash)

If you struggle with anything before the event, ping Roger (kinbiko) a message on our Slack server.
To get an invite to our Slack server, enter your email address here: https://bathml.herokuapp.com/

This is for beginners who have some very basic command line experience. The reason we're using the command line instead of a graphical user interface is to limit exposure to the more advanced concepts in Git and to ensure that you can more easily google any issues you have (GUIs tend to use lingo different to the proper Git terminology). If you're not super confident using a command line, check out this article which covers everything you'll need for this event and no more: https://kinbiko.com/shell/basic-bash-commands/

Please feel free to bring guests if you know anyone who you think would be interested.

This event is strictly speaking not Machine Learning-oriented, but the material covered will be useful for contributing to our parking projects. (Hint: major event coming up where knowing Git would be advantageous!)