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GO Get Networking!
9:30am - 10:45am

Small businesses - this one is for you. We are back!
Networking is vital to the growth of any business, but sometimes there are barriers - particularly for smaller businesses - such as lack of time and budget. We understand this and so we’ve launched GO Get Networking, a new initiative aimed at smaller businesses in and around Bath.
What makes GO Get Networking different to other networking groups?
Over the last few years, our own experience has been that networking groups can be expensive and time-consuming, often involving costly membership fees and too many meet-ups. We wanted to find a simpler and less formal way of networking, and so we decided to design our own.
GO Get Networking is different to other groups because:

It’s specifically intended for smaller businesses only.
THIS IS A FREE EVENT - Simply buy a coffee at the bar on the way in!
Events will be held 4 times a year, allowing you to keep meeting new people.
We meet at 9.30am and finish at 10.45am, giving us enough time to do some useful networking without eating too much into working hours.

Typically, the format is an hour of mingling followed by a 10-minute informal talk given by a group member, or a guest speaker, on a subject that is of interest to others (eg a useful service or helpful app to support your business). This is most definitely not about hard selling but communicating useful information.
If you fancy a coffee and a chance to meet other small businesses that are local to you, please sign up now - we look forward to meeting you.

GO Get Networking
GO Get Networking Meetup
9:30am - 10:45am

• What we'll do
If you run a small business who want a to meet great connections simply let us know you are coming, turn up, grab yourself a coffee at the bar and network!

• What to bring
Enough money for a coffee and yourself. Business cards are handy if you have some!

• Important to know
Bath property investors club
Bath Property Meetup
3pm - 5pm

For those actively involved in property investment/development in and around Bath. This afternoon meeting is an opportunity to share leads, ask advice and keep ahead of what's going on.
Spaces Bath Official Launch
5pm - 10pm

Arrive in style and be welcomed with a glass of bubbly from THE LITTLE TIPPLE VAN, or why not make your way straight to the bar for cocktails made to order by the staff from SOUL DELI POP UP BAR,  they will definitely hit the right note!
Sample the delicious varity canapes or some Home made hot food made by SOUL DELI CAFE, whilst local muscians plays live music to really get the vibe going!
Visit the Sushi Masterclass and learn how to roll a Rainbow Sushi Roll
If a sweet treat is more your thing visit our dessert station and sample the DESSERT CANAPES and HOMEMADE CUPCAKES.
But that's not all! There is plenty more to keep you entertained in true SPACES style...
Have fun with our themed photo booth and win a prize for the best photo.......say cheese!!
Break the ice with our magician or take a seat and get drawn by our caricature
Hop onto the Roulette table and try your luck 
Take part in our prize draw to win some fantastic prizes from SPACES  *(Dont forget your business cards to enter!)
Get ready for the greatest show right here in Bath, make sure you dress to impress 
Places for the launch party are free but limited, so please RSVP using the link provided
We look forward to seeing you there!
The Big Fix
6:30pm - 8pm

An open networking event featuring YewTtade- turning your spare capacity into cash.

Love Entrepreneurs - entrepreneurs showcasing their products and services

£2 Home - winning a home for just £2.

We are all wanting to help each other and to collaborate,  share and prosper.
The Guild Board Games Evening
The Guild Bath- Social Evenings
6:30pm - 10:30pm

Free to all Guild members/£3 all others

This is a regular games night held at The Guild coworking hub in the centre of Bath. We're a friendly bunch of people with a wide range of gaming experience from old hands to total newbies, so there's no experience needed. We supply games, food and drinks, and you are also welcome to bring your own games too. We may have more than one game running at the same time so there should be something to interest you.

The nights are free to Guild members, and £3 for non members- this covers the games, some delivery pizzas and drinks.
Meet-up for February!
Bath Book Club
7pm - 9pm

• What we'll do:
Let's meet to talk about "Uncommon Type: Short Stories" by Tom Hanks (yes, that Tom Hanks!)

It's his first book, a collection of short stories so if you don't get to read through all of them we can still have a good discussion about the ones we did. I believe it's had good reviews...is he as good an author as he is an actor?!

Another great evening of speeches, thinking on your feet, meeting of minds....
Bath Spa Toastmasters - Public Speaking Group
7:15pm - 9:30pm

Details to follow

Afterall, we like to keep it fresh and current....

Making time to improve your skills? How about:
- Learn to craft a speech with everything the course teaches us
- Get a huge buzz from delivering to the crowd
- Chat and have some time with friends, meet new ones, have fun :)

As always, speeches from our own members, Table Topics for thinking on your feet, and lots of opportunities to speak and enjoy the evening.

Everyone is welcome to attend (no cost) and we ask everyone to arrive around 7.15pm so we can start the speeches on time. So come along then join us afterwards for a drink or two - we'd love to see you!

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Want to know more about the TM programs to improve both your speaking, stage presence and group skills (leadership in taking roles which make our meetings a success)?

Want to see us on Facebook?

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Bath Spa Toastmasters gets your speaking, thinking and presenting skills sharper. It’s a sure way of gaining confidence, both in front of an audience and in everyday life.
Social Media: Is It Good Or Bad For Our Society And Our Mental Health?
Bath Philosophy & Debate Group
7:30pm - 9:30pm

• What we'll do

Please watch this TED talk (13:50 Minutes):
Is social media a constant but pointless distraction?
Do we now confuse truth with popularity? Interesting (and short) interview with ex-Facebook executive:
Are we now detrimentally obsessed with popularity? Is this shown through the many competitive programmes on TV which are designed to test the popularity of contestants? What about the mental health of a contestant who fails? Does social media hone our social skills, or has it made society more superficial?
Social influencers are having a big impact on how the world works (one of them was even elected president of the US!). So we can’t ignore them - it’s a new normal?
The Bath based social influencer Elle Darby has recently received criticism for asking for freebies in return for reviews. Recently an entirely fictitious London restaurant was created and went to #1 on the Tripadvisor rankings: (https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2017/dec/17/the-shed-tripadvisors-best-london-restaurant-you-literally-couldnt-get-a-table). Would you agree that web reviews create a false view of the world online, and is this any different from traditional advertising on TV or in print?
Does internet social networking add to or subtract from the availability of truth? Traditionally, our news sources were vetted, but largely by those with an economic or social interest in keeping the established status quo. Now almost anyone can set up a news feed of truth - or fake news - depending on your viewpoint. This tends to lead to polarisation of opinion, but can it also make news more democratic? Has it enabled democratic revolution for the good in certain countries?

On the night please:
-Sit in a circle and speak to the whole circle; one conversation at a time
-Aim for equal airtime; points should be:
*Clearly-structured and
-Arrive early to order drinks
The host moderates but peer-moderation is encouraged

• What to bring

• Important to know
Bath Ceroc Dancing
Bath Ceroc Dancing
8pm - 11pm

• What we'll do
Dance classes for adults

• What to bring
A smile and a willingness to have fun

• Important to know
classes start at 8pm so get there for 7.50pm. All classes finish by 9.30pm and then its practice time till 11pm. Normally about 100 people there a week from all walks of life not just meet up :)
CHARITY PUB QUIZ- St. James' Wine Vaults BATH
Bath And District- Anything-goes Social Society
8:15pm - 10:30pm

CHARITY PUB QUIZ - By popular demand


ARRIVE EARLY to grab seats please - 8pm would be good for those who can.

Starts 9pm sharp.

Each team member pays £1.

1st place - £25.
2nd place - bottle of wine or a box of chocolates.
3rd place - a box of chocolates.

BONUS: Snowball at the end with rolling cash prize if not won.

This is a good quality quiz with variety.

Full details: http://www.stjameswinevaults.co.uk/Charity.html

Supporting Dorothy House & Julian House Charities.
SANCTUARY - A Film by, and casting special needs actors
Bath And District- Anything-goes Social Society
9pm - 11pm

• What we'll do
An interesting special needs film not being widely screened
Tickets £12 in advance

Hi Everybody

Paul has very kindly helped me to set this up. I want to get the film shown in Bath via Ourscreen so am trying to get the word out to as many people as possible. I have a daughter with special needs so it's obviously a subject close to my heart.

I'm already part of another group of parents going on the night so won't really be able to properly 'meet-up'. But will be delighted if any of you are interested and can get together. Hopefully I'll be able to come and say hi.

Please note: unless there are enough tickets sold by 11th Feb the film won't be screened, so do book early if you want to see it!

I hope this is all ok. Please message me below if I've forgotten anything or there's something I need to know. Haven't done this before!

• What to bring

• Important to know

Please book by 11th Feb if you can to help ensure the screening goes ahead. It will still be possible to book after this though.