Local Events Bath

City, Art & Politics: Reconfiguring The Meaning Of The Urban Space
5pm - 8pm

In recent years, street artists and architects have been increasingly called upon to reflect on collective urban memory and reconfigure the meanings associated with the city space. This event, initiated by the ‘Politics of Culture and Memory’ research cluster from the University of Bath (PoLIS) proposes to bring together speakers from the UK, Tunisia and Mexico to address the role of urban artists in engaging with official interpretations of urban history and fostering societal debate about controversial memory. The talks will be followed by a short initiation into street art (TBC). Attendance is free and the event will include many opportunities for discussion between researchers, artists and urban professionals. Please register your interest using Eventbrite.
For more information, please contact Dr Christina Horvath (c.horvath@bath.ac.uk).
Running Safe Activities (17)
7:30pm - 9:30pm

To enable adults to plan and run exciting, safe and developmental activities for the young people in their section.