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Meal & Comedy Night @ Komedia, Bath (+ Mototcity)
The Bath & Bristol Everything Meetup Group
6:30pm - 3am

Join me for a meal, a night of comedy at Komedia, followed by dancing the remaining night away at the Motocity event following-on from the comedy show. PS it will be a tad less busy on the night... as Bath Students on holiday... :-) Those of you who have attended this event before... know how much fun this is....!! :-)

Comedian line-up to be confirmed nearer the date.

There are various options... and tickets can be booked on-line at


1. Join me (and a few others) for the 'Meal-Deal' option at 6.30pm, which is a meal at Komedia (menu to be confirmed) before the comedy show at 8.00pm and then Motorcity at 11.00pm, till the early hours of Sunday morning or until your feet ache. (£31.50). Personally, I think this is the best option...!! :-)

2. Come along for the comedy show at 8.00pm and then Motorcity at 11.00pm, till the early hours of Sunday morning. Prices vary as follows:-

Auditorium £20.00 Balcony £16.50 Balcony Concession £13.00

3. Come along just for the Motorcity event at 11.00pm. This is £6.00 payable on the door on the night, so get in the queue early... so that you get in, but with students away, I don't think entry will be an issue....!!!

If you are joining the few of us for the meal-deal option, tables are served on a first-come, first-served basis, so get there early to join us in the queue to get the best table(s)... but not too close to the comedians please...!! :-o
Vegetarian Meal at Bishopston Supper Club
The Bath & Bristol Everything Meetup Group
7pm - 10:30pm

• What we'll do
I have booked Bishopston Supper Club for a vegetarian meal on Saturday 31st March at 7pm solely for BBE members. The meal will consist of 3 courses, plus homemade bread, coffee and petit fours for £25. I have been before and enjoyed the food - there's plenty of it! Bring your own alcohol or soft drinks (no corkage charged). There are spaces for 14-16 diners. I plan for us to change places after each course so that people get a chance to talk to one another. Pay to the BBE Meetup Bank Account - details below.

**Location will be provided closer to the time but it is in St Andrews, close to Gloucester Road and major bus routes.**

• What to bring
An empty belly, table manners and a smile :)

• Important to know
To secure your place at this event, please pay £25 to the BBE Meetup Bank Account. Please put the reference BISH SC so that Claire B can easily locate payments. BBE Meetup Bank Account:

Sort code[masked]

Account No[masked]


Claire I Brash

Lloyds Bank

* My refund policy *

Deposits will only be returned to you if you give at least 48 hours notice of cancelling. As this is a private party, the meal has been costed and food will have been bought. If you do not do give enough notice, your monies will be given to the restaurant in lieu of lost takings. I look forward to dining with you.

Long Running Events:

The Action for Happiness Course (Bath, 19 Feb 2018)
19th February - 9th April

An 8-week course that gives you the chance to meet friendly, like-minded people and find simple ways to make yourself and others happy.

This course will run on Mondays from 12-2 on the following dates: 19 Feb, 26 Feb, 5 Mar, 12 Mar, 19 Mar, 26 Mar, 2nd Apr, 9 Apr
The course is run by local volunteers and based on donations - so please feel free to give whatever you can afford :)

Exploring What Matters is a secular, science-based course for people who want to learn how to live happily and spread happiness to those around them.
It was created by the Action for Happiness charity to help people tune in to what really matters in life, connect with people around them and find small ways to start taking action.
On the course you will:

Meet with like-minded people to explore what really matters in life and find new ways of looking at things.

Enjoy expert videos, mindfulness exercises and a handbook full of resources to help you break big ideas into manageable chunks.

Take time each week to think of small actions you can take to create happiness for yourself and those around you.

People find it really valuable and often refer to what they learn on the course as life-changing.
-- Click here to see the impact of the course and what people say about it --
Each week is based around a big question:
Week 1: What really matters in life? We'll explore whether a greater focus on happiness and wellbeing might be better for all of us.
Week 2: What actually makes us happy? We'll explore the role of outer circumstances and inner attitudes in our wellbeing.
Week 3: Can we find peace of mind? We'll explore some of the skills and practices that can help us in difficult times.
Week 4: How should we treat others? We'll explore how to treat others and how we can become more compassionate.
Week 5: What makes for great relationships? We'll explore how our relationship to others impacts our own happiness.
Week 6: Can we be happier at work? We'll explore what makes us happy at work and what can we do about it.
Week 7: Can we build happier communities? We'll explore how to create communities that are more caring, connected and happy.
Week 8: How can we create a happier world? We'll explore how to live in a way that contributes to a happier world, not just for ourselves but for others too.
-- Click here for a sample of Week 1 to give you an idea of what it’s like --
This course is for anyone interested in exploring how to create happiness for themselves or others.
Maybe you’re someone who could do with some new approaches to try out in your own life.
Or maybe you’re passionate about creating happier communities and a happier world.
Either way, by coming together with others locally on this course you can find the inspiration and support you need find the actions that work for you.
Please note: this course is not group therapy, if you are experiencing severe challenges at the moment we recommend seeking alternative professional support.

The course is run by keen volunteers who are stepping forward to help spread happiness in the local area.
Everyone who joins the course makes a donation of their choice to be there.
It costs Action for Happiness about £90 per person to support each course so we ask all participants to give whatever they can to support themselves and others.
You can give as Supporter (£120) or give the Standard (£90) if you are able, otherwise please give whatever donation works for you - even if you can only give £5 right now you’re as welcome as anyone else :)

What are the highlights of the course?
“Sharing and learning from each other allowed us space to grow and taking away action plans each week focused our minds on pro active action.” ~ Jacqueline, London
“More or less everything is a highlight as it is mightily well researched and factual.” ~ Annick, Lindfield
“Being able to believe that I could be brave enough to change my circumstances/life, in order to be happier/make others happier around me.” ~ Michelle, Farnborough

For questions about this particular course please contact the volunteers who are running it:
Lindy Leslie (lindyy@hotmail.co.uk)Rebecca  Rogers (becky@teachit.co.uk)
For general questions about Action for Happiness and the course please contact:
We hope you enjoy the course. Thanks for helping to create a happier world.
The Action for Happiness team

Please note: although the content and materials for this course have been developed and tested by Action for Happiness, this specific course is being run independently by volunteers who support the aims of Action for Happiness, rather than being put on directly by the organisation itself.
Action for Happiness was co-founded by Prof Richard Layard, Sir Anthony Seldon and Geoff Mulgan. Key members of the team include Vanessa King and Dr Mark Williamson. It is backed by the Dalai Lama - the patron of Action for Happiness.
Action for Happiness is a UK Registered Charity (1175160).