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The FREEDOM Workshop
9am - 1pm

Freedom is an unfamiliar luxury to time-poor business owners. You’re at the centre of your operation and without you there isn’t one. You struggle to take holidays, run yourself ragged working 80+ hours a week and everyone relies on you – staff, customers, suppliers, and you can’t see how this will ever change. Sound familiar?
This is the “owner's trap”. Not only can it limit your enjoyment of life, but also the value of your business.
Richardson Swift Chartered Accountants and Business Doctors have joined forces to present a half-day workshop devised specially for owner managers of SMEs.
Led by Richard Tidswell and Debbie Boulton, who bring a wealth of combined financial and strategic experience, we work through the eight areas that help to create value and allow you the freedom of choice.
Gain practical insights into how to:

Free yourself up and maximise profit from your business in the short term
Plan strategic steps for reducing the reliance of the business on you
Build your business into a valuable asset that can be sold or passed on

We will have small breakout sessions to work on specific areas of your business throughout the morning, as well as to share learning with peers.
In advance we also invite you to complete our Value Builder Diagnostic Tool which will assess where your business is against the eight measures. Afterwards you will receive the full report covering all aspects in more detail. This is invaluable for highlighting areas that need particular attention.
Take some time out to review your business.
Places are £59 + VAT per attendee (max 25 places available). 
Assessing Place: How Character Influences Decision Making & Design
9:30am - 4pm

This year’s LISW AGM and CPD Day considers how character assessment is applied in practice and used to inform decision making in planning and design.  Speakers from varied areas of practice, including highways, forestry and urban design, will look at good practice from case studies across the south west and beyond, demonstrating that planning our environment is most successful when based on a sound assessment of the landscape context.  We will take the opportunity to consider LI Technical Guidance in landscape character assessment, townscape character assessment and photography and photomontage, and look ahead to potential upcoming reviews of some of this guidance.  Workshops will take place in the afternoon focussing on townscape character, photography and photomontage.
It is hoped that attendees will be attracted to the event from the public, private and voluntary sectors from a range of disciplines including planning, transport, urban design, arboriculture, heritage as well as landscape architecture.
The LISW AGM will take place after lunch.
Speakers and Topics:

Christine Tudor, Natural England - Introduction to the practical applications of landscape character assessment in decision making, including a review of current and upcoming technical guidance.

Tony Sangwine, Highways Agency – Setting highways within the landscape, looking at landscape character and highway design.

Sally Marshall, LUC – Landscape character assessment and sensitivity studies, using examples from Plymouth, Dartmoor National Park and further afield.

Richard Hellier, Forestry Commission – The importance of forestry design responding to landscape character.

Ian Houlston, LDA – Workshop on Townscape Character Assessment, including a review of the updated LI Technical Guidance published in 2017

Mike Spence, MSEnvironmental – Workshop on Photomontage ‘Getting it Right Every Time’, including a discussion informing the current review of LI Technical Guidance on photography and photomontage.

Chris Hale, Nicholas Pearson Associates - Proportionality in Visualisation and use of Photomontage, including consideration of the LI Techincal Guidance issued in 2017.

Key times:
9:30 Arrival for coffee
10:00 Presentations commence
Lunch and tea/coffee will be provided.  
16:00 Close

We will do our best to accommodate any dietary requirements, please email us at mail.southwest@landscapeinstitute.org.
Image credit:  Sally Marshall, LUC.
Bath Treasure Hunt with 20% off at the finishing Treasure (the pub)
10am - 10pm

The Great Game is a daily exciting Treasure Hunt that you do on your own time when ever you want around the beautiful City of Bath. Upon purchasing your ticket please email info@ggtreasurehunts.com to redeem. There a different tickets for different groups of people. 
Single route - for 1-2 people or 3-4 people is great for seeing the sights and using your brain.
Once the ticket is redeemed via email your treasure hunt pack will be mailed out to you so please provided your address in your email. Each pack includes discount wrist bands for each player, a clipboard, a real compass, a map, the clues sheet, a prize sheet, a brief history of Bath and a pen.
Let us know the time you wish to begin your hunt and we will book you a table at the finishing "Treasure" a historic Bath Pub steeped in History, where you will 20% off your food and drink bill.
The Hunt starts at Bath Train Station and takes roughly 2-3 hours to complete, solving clues and riddles and puzzles as you wind through Bath viewing the sites of the city and trying to find the "Treasure" - The pub, where you simply show your Treasure Hunt wrist band to the staff to get your 20% discount on your food and drink bill.
You will be sure to have a fantastic half day or evening out!
Integration Design Workshop - Operating Model #2
10:30am - 11:30am

The second Integration Project design workshop to tackle the question: 'How do we develop our Operating Model?'
Lunchtime Boules @ Queen Square
Bath And District- Anything-goes Social Society
1:30pm - 3:30pm

A casual lunch time arrangement for a knock about with whoever attends. Very popular last year, let's see if we can continue this interest now SUMMER is with us

I will bring a set of 8 boule which we can share around.

Artificial Intelligence and the Media
2:15pm - 4pm

Artificial Intelligence and the Media
Professor Nello Cristianini explores the interplay of artificial intelligence and the media.

IMI Thematic Semester talk
When: Wednesday 25 April, 2.15 - 4pm
Venue: University of Bath, Building 8 West, Room 2.1
Audience: FREE event at the University of Bath, open to all with a ticket 

The combination of machine learning and big data has enabled us to create a new generation of artificial intelligence (AI), and now we interact with its applications daily. The strategic position occupied by AI agents within our global information infrastructure means that they are in the position to observe a large portion of our activities, learning from them, but also creates a new type of risk, including the possibility of surveillance and manipulation of user behaviour. 
Based on the details of how AI has emerged from the combination of machine learning and this unified data infrastructure, we can understand recent reports that have raised concerns, from fake news to psychometric election targeting, from criminal justice applications to dynamic pricing in insurance based on social media content. By reviewing the way this technology works, we can put these reports in a context, and look ahead at forthcoming challenges. Importantly, we can plan future regulation of this strategic sector.

Professor Nello Cristianini

Nello Cristianini is Professor of Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the University of Bristol. His current research covers the large-scale analysis of media content (news and social media), using various AI methods, the design of new AI methods, their application to digital humanities and computational social science, and the social impact of Big Data and AI technologies. Cristianini is the co-author of two widely known books in machine learning, An Introduction to Support Vector Machines and Kernel Methods for Pattern Analysis, as well as a book in bioinformatics, Introduction to Computational Genomics. He is also a recipient of the Royal Society Wolfson Research Merit Award and a current holder of a European Research Council Advanced Grant. In 2014, Thomson-Reuters included him in a list of the most influential computer scientists of the decade. Before joining the University of Bristol, he has been a professor of statistics at the University of California, Davis. Currently, he is working on social and ethical implications of AI.

2.15pm Media and Artificial Intelligence talk3.00pm Question and Answer session3.30pm Refreshments4.00pm Close

This event is free to attend, but please register.  For further information please email r.willis@bath.ac.uk or visit the IMI webpage. 

This event is part of the IMI Thematic Semester Machine Learning: Algorithms and Ethics and is arranged by both Institute for Mathematical Innovation and the Department of Computer Science at the University of Bath.         

Lill Miss Hits - Bath
3:45pm - 6:30pm

This is a 3-hour FREE course for women & girls (16 yrs & over) which makes starter tennis delivery simple and fun for 5-8 yr olds girls or any age groups with learning needs.  No tennis experience is necessary - just enthusiasm!  Please wear comfortable clothing as you will be active.
Go to the http://sherallies.com/lil-miss-hits/  for full details.
Kundalini Yoga Group
Bath Kundalini Yoga Meetup
6pm - 7:30pm

• What we'll do

Spring is all about taking action, seizing opportunities and reflecting on what abundance really means for us. This Wednesday we will do the lively Green Energy kriya followed by an effective meditation to increase prosperity.

I will give a brief introduction to Kundalini Yoga and then guide the group through a warm- up, a set of physical postures (called a kriya), a long relaxation and a meditation. There is a breakout area available for socialising afterwards and I will be around to answer any questions you may have.

• What to bring
Please bring a yoga mat if you have one, but don’t worrry- there will be spares. Also bring a light blanket and / or extra layers to keep you cosy during the long relaxation. There is a £5 contribution requested for this class.

• Important to know
Kundalini Yoga is a very fun and uplifting practise which supports you to relax, to improve your fitness and to connect more deeply with yourself. Absolute beginners are most welcome to this group.
Moralities of Wellbeing
6pm - 8:30pm

Sarah C. White is professor of international development and wellbeing at the University of Bath, UK.  She has undertaken research on wellbeing in Bangladesh, India and Zambia. She takes a relational approach to wellbeing, emphasizing connections between personal, societal, and environmental factors.

Moralities of Wellbeing
Wellbeing, it seems, is the word for our times. We see it everywhere – in adverts for the gym or scented candles, in discussions of health and social care, in political manifestos. Some see this as a big con, just a marketing ploy. Others embrace its emphasis on experience and the quality of living. What intrigues me is something else: that underlying our preoccupation with wellbeing may be an anxiety that all is not well. If this is right, and we want to fix it, we need to understand the roots of that anxiety, and approach wellbeing in ways that help promote, rather than undermine it.
My research traces anxieties about wellbeing to changes in patterns of relationships, as the space for community and society has increasingly been eroded by the expansion of the state and especially the market. Now that capital is global and mobile, it requires a flexible labour force, free of the kinds of social and geographical ties that we used to take for granted. This has a paradoxical effect on how we think of ourselves. On the one hand we feel like sovereign individuals who can continually reinvent ourselves. On the other we feel fragmented, looking to a growing number of experts to tell us how to live our lives.
Dominant constructions of subjective wellbeing produce individualised, abstracted representations of the self which mimic or deepen the underlying problem. My research in rural Zambia and India suggests a very different approach, which sees wellbeing as collective rather than individual. Displacing a focus on the body and psychology, interviews present wellbeing instead as material – having enough – and relational – having enough to care for one’s own and to share with others. Life history narratives reveal wellbeing not as a technical or instrumental but a moral issue, as people seek to do the right thing despite a context of widespread scarcity.
The lecture explores what it means to restore relationships and morality to the centre of thinking about wellbeing, and what difference this can make to policy and practice. It shows how taking a relational approach to wellbeing can avoid reproducing the pathologies of either an over-individualised or an over-socialised account of the self, and provide a more realistic and liveable alternative.
Bath Edition: Code Review & PWAs
6:45pm - 9pm

At the end of April we're holding an extra meetup in Bath. Thanks to Mayden Academy (https://maydenacademy.co.uk/) for helping host us.

We've got two talks lined up:

- Effective Code Review
Dave Liddament (https://twitter.com/daveliddament), Director and developer at Lamp Bristol (http://www.lampbristol.com/).

There are many benefits of code review---lower development costs, increased code quality, quick up-skilling and on-boarding of team members. Despite these benefits many teams don’t have code review as part of their process at all, while others don’t get the gains they should.

This talk outlines the business case for code review and explores how to make code review effective, specifically looking at:

* Expectations of what can be achieved with code review.
* What should be covered by code review (including example code).
* What should not be covered by code review.
* How to write code that makes code review easy.
* What makes good code review comments.
* What makes good responses to code review comments.

Finally, to wrap up, you'll be shown how to enable a code review with GitHub. Spoiler alert---it can be done it under five minutes!

So if you are on a team that isn’t using code review, or isn’t using it effectively, then you should be at this talk.

- Progressive Web Apps
Mike Oram (https://twitter.com/MPOram), trainer at Mayden Academy (https://maydenacademy.co.uk/)

There is a lot of talk about Progressive Web Apps at the moment. It is a hot topic in the JavaScript community.

In this talk, we will briefly explore what a PWA is and how to build one. We will look at the benefits of PWA's and more importantly their limitations.

We then look a bit deeper at the technologies behind PWA's such as Service Workers, in particular we will look at the mechanics behind Service Workers, and how they will affect your back-end builds.

Finally, we will look at offline development, the offline first life-cycle and the tools and technologies needed to start building offline applications. Comparing offline storage mechanisms, and their limitations.

This talk is great for anyone building web-based applications, in any language, or anyone wanting to learn more about PWA's and offline development


As always, a big thanks to our meetup sponsors Ents24 (http://www.ents24.com/), Brightpearl (http://www.brightpearl.com/), Space 48 (https://www.space48.com/), Helastel (https://www.helastel.com/) & Deep Blue Sky (http://deepbluesky.com/) without whom we wouldn't be able to put on our meetups.

Afterwards we'll head to the pub, we'll let you know where on the night!
Lets Drink the Spring in!
Ladies of Bath Book/Wine Meetup
7pm - 11:59pm

Hi All,

Being a bit quicker off the mark this time, to give everyone plenty of time to read the book/ pencil us in!

Following two consecutive, slightly hard hitting (i.e. totally depressing) books, the consensus was to read a slightly happier book.

We decided on "Eleanor Oilphant is completely fine" - Gail Honeyman.
Can't remember who suggested it, but thank you!

It's available to kindle, hard back and paperback.

I've read the summary and it looks like quite a heartwarming, uplifting story. A well needed antidote to the "The world is grim" books we've previously had- i'm really excited to start it!

There will be a sign on the table saying "Book & Wine Meetup" so will be far easier to find us.

So, this will be the 6th meetup of this book/ wine club (eek!) it's very important to me that this meetup remains open and easygoing- Just a great way to meet great people, enjoy a few glasses of wine and get a few book recommendations along the way. There's never a necessity to buy/ read the book. Just come along, grab a drink and meet some cool ladies!

I'm relentlessly optimistic that spring will have arrived by then and we'll have some nicer weather.
So, whether it's Pimms in the Garden, or a glass of Red in a cosy corner- I look forward to seeing/ meeting you!
Free Meditation & Yoga – just show up–we start on Wednesday in Bath 7.30pm
Free Meditation & Yoga Bath
7:30pm - 9pm


Hello there! - We'd like to welcome you to Free weekly meetings hosted by Michael, Bernard which take place at the:

John Williams Room (2nd Floor), United Reformed Church Halls, Grove St, Bath, BA2 6PJ,

on Wednesday evenings from 7.30pm until 9.00pm

With Sahaja Yoga Meditation we normally sit on chairs to achieve yoga, effortlessly & spontaneously. No Mats or special clothing required.

All across the globe, many are seeking new sources of energy. Meanwhile, the most transformative energy of all is hiding in plain sight, within us. It's natural, sustainable, and infinitely renewable. It's called inner kundalini energy. And everyone already has it — everyone!. It is often likened to an inner feminine or motherly energy which automatically knows about us and what is needed to help us restore balance and harmony within our subtle being. It works spontaneously, effortlessly, organically and cannot be paid for.

Sahaja Yoga Meditation is a simple time-honoured technique that lets you tap into that energy and harness its power to become better balanced and better connected to yourself — emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.

If you're having trouble juggling the challenges in your life, Sahaja Yoga Meditation might well help you manage stress, master your emotions and find solutions to your problems. You may enjoy better health, better focus, and a deeper understanding of the universe and your place in it.

Meditation is not just for mystics and monks. Sahaja Yoga meditation is for everyone. Anyone can do it. It's that easy. But with the Sahaja Yoga experience, you'll quickly realise, it isn't your typical Meditations 'R Us type class. It's much more than just feeling peaceful and relaxed. Sahaja Yoga Meditation has many layers, varied and deep. Explore at your own pace, in your own way. Our volunteer experts are always available to help.

Ready to plug into your inner energy? A Sahaja Yoga Meditation class is a great way to start. A few minutes of your life may be all it takes to connect to your inner energy and light the path to lifelong transformation. Sahaja Yoga is more than a temporary solution or quick relief — it is a journey, rather than a destination. It's all about energy — guaranteed pure and carbon neutral. You can never have too much of it.

The best part? All classes are free. No strings, no catch.
Everyone is welcome. Bring a friend, bring your self — all are welcome.

We have a web site here in London too which you can visit for more info about weekly meetings: www.sahajayogalondon.co.uk

Join us on Facebook and Twitter
Writers Group - exploring how grammar and syntax impacts your writing
Bath Writers: Beyond The Margins
7:30pm - 9:30pm

Rod will lead a discussion that starts with the semi-colon, its uses and abuses.

Jeremy will help us explore passive writing and why it's considered problematic.

If it's OK with attendees I will take random 100 word samples from your most recently submitted writing and make a collage of examples for us as a group to look at during the discussions. Let me know if you are not happy with this. If you've never submitted any writing to me could you send me 800 words of your recent writing and I'll apply the same principle as above.

The last 30 minutes of the evening will be given over to a discussion of potential future topics for our meet ups.
Spring Wine Tasting in Central Bath
7:30pm - 10pm

Welcome to our Spring Wine Tasting evening on Weds 25 April from 7.30pm at The Chequers Pub in Bath.
Open to wine lovers of all levels, the Spring Tasting will showcase six fine wines from across the UK, perfect for enjoying in the Spring weather. All of the wines will be paired with cheese, selected from Nibbles - Bath's best independent cheesemonger.
There is a special offer if you buy a couple's ticket, saving you £5 off the event. Whether you bring your other half or a friend, we would love to see you there!
If you have any questions prior to the wine tasting, please call Ben on 01225667311. 
All of our wines shown at this tasting are suitable for vegetarians.
You must be aged 18 or over to attend.

Long Running Events:

Bikepacking Mid-Week Break - The Cotswolds 24/25 April 2018
24th April - 25th April

Cotswolds Bikepacking Breaks
Dates:  March - September 2018​Price: Starting from £175Ability:  Novice to Advanced

Weekend and midweek packages - 2 days riding and 1 night wild camping
​Mountain Bike (Marin Pine 27.5+), helmet, saddle bag, frame bag and bar bag
Full guided riding for the duration
MBLA qualified guides with outdoor first aid training qualification
Maximum of 6:1 client to guide ratio
Maximum group size of 12 excluding guides
​Video and Photo’s – GoPro photos and video documenting your adventure will be available through Dropbox.
Knowledge –We happily provide mentoring, tuition on any aspects of bike packing, bike skills, repair & maintenance, equipment, first aid, navigation, bush craft, personal security, wild foods and just about anything else related to living off two wheels!​
Bike Repair – All but catastrophic bike mechanical issues can be sorted on the trail keeping your adventure on track. Any replacement components will be charged at cost. 

Enjoy our relaxing weekend and midweek bikepacking adventure packages providing the opportunity to unwind and enjoy some of the Cotswolds and South Wales classic adventure cycling routes. Experience wild camping and enjoying the simple pleasures of cooking outside and the warmth of a camp fire.

​Our riding style is focused on enjoyment and adventure as opposed to white knuckle down hill descents. Routes will take between 6-8 hours to complete with stops en route to enjoy coffee, cake and lunch! We run a number of 2 day packages catering for newcomers, experienced riders and women only ensuring that you get the most out of your time with us. You will need a moderate level of fitness to get the most out of the weekend, there will be a few hills to climb!

For group bookings of 6-12 we will modify the routes to suit the fitness and technical ability of the group.

Pencil To Paint: Apr - Jun 2018
18th April - 13th June

“I think that painting today is pure intuition and luck.”
Francis Bacon on Matthew Smith (1909-1992)
For most of us, our relationship with art begins with a line. We take a pencil or a crayon and delineate our idea. In our enthusiasm, we may even attempt to colour it in. In the experience of many, that attempt leads only to disappointment. We know that a painting is more than just a coloured-in drawing, but how do we do it? What exactly is the difference?
This course explores the gulf between drawing and painting and then seeks to provide a bridge between the two disciplines. Beginning with simple pencil studies, we will then develop our work in both charcoal and ink, gaining confidence in our abilities, before embarking on five weeks of painting in bold colour.
This course is open to all-comers and is ideal for beginners or those who wish to take their art in a new direction. 
The theme for this particular 8 week Pencil To Paint course will be abstraction and we will look at how form, gesture and emotion all play their part in successful picture-making, regardless of genre.
Topics will include:
Line, measurement and proportion
Colour: theory and mixing
Tables and chairs and a roll of newsprint paper are provided. Please bring a drawing board, paper or pad and your preferred drawing media. Materials required for sessions using colour will be discussed nearer the time.
Tea, coffee and biscuits will be available for a small donation.
16:30 - 18:00
Wednesdays:  18, 25 April; 02, 09, 23, 30 May; 06, 13 June (8 x 1.5 hour sessions)