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May Breakfast with Small Business Focus
8am - 10am

Join us for our monthly breakfast. Make new contacts, discuss current issues facing small businesses in Bath and enjoy a great Boston Breakfast!
FREE FOR EVERYONE - Learn to dance in one night! *NOTE NEW VENUE!*
The Bath & Bristol Everything Meetup Group
8am - 11pm

Learn to dance in one night for FREE!

For this week only it is free for everyone, whether you have been before or not! Plus there's free cake! What more could you want?


Ceroc is partner dancing and has been described as a cross between jive, ballroom, tango and salsa. I find it much easier to learn than salsa though. And much more interesting than tango! As I often go I thought it would be a fun thing to put on for others to try too. Maybe you've thought about trying it, but have been unsure when would be a good time. Well, this is a good time!

After several successful evenings before I've been asked to put it on again.

The actual dancing starts at 8pm. After a brief warm-up there will be a beginner's class for 40 minutes, then ten minutes of free dancing. It's a good chance to dance with someone more experienced too! Then there is a beginner's revision class until 9.30pm. After that there is free dancing, right up to eleven o'clock if you want.


The full address is: St Phillip & James Church, 35 Frome Road, Bath, BA2 2QF

Free street parking is available in side streets near the venue.

Although there will be a chance to chat at various points of the evening, this is more a dancing evening than a social event.

Please let me know in the comments if you would like to meet up with the other members before the dancing starts.
Clear your subconscious and renew yourself with Kundalini Yoga
Bath Healthy & Happy Meetup
10:30am - 12:30pm

Please come and join us for a mini yogic workout where you will learn how to use Kundalini Yoga to clear and renew your subconscious. This will be a seated yoga class.

During the meetup you will:

* Receive an introduction to Kundalini Yoga and its benefits.

* Participate in a mini Kundalini Yoga class, where we will relax and reset the body and mind through pranayam (breath), asana (posture) and mantra (sound) meditation in the Kundalini Yogic tradition.

This meetup is being delivered by Christina Yuen Tully (Nam Arvind Kaur).

Christina is a certified International Level 1 Instructor in Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. She teaches classes, workshops and private lessons in Bath. She is currently undertaking the Mother’s Journey training to further support and empower women through Kundalini Yoga. Christina is also a certified Nutritional Therapist.

Prior to a life dedicated to kundalini yoga, nutrition and well-being, Christina spent 6 years in finance. Having experienced how stress and an unconscious lifestyle negatively impact health, she is passionate about inspiring others to connect with themselves and follow their hearts’ true calling.

We will be meeting upstairs in The Elder Rooms. Tickets are £5 and include a cuppa (pay on the day)

Any questions then please email [masked] or call Tanya on[masked].

To Your Health and Happiness!

The Bath Meetup Team!

• What to bring

• Important to know
From Pies to Pizzas! Bath Girl Geek Dinner 2018 #2
Bath Girl Geek Dinners
5:30pm - 6:30pm

Bath Girl Geek Dinners is back and we are enticing our members in for an informal pizza and meetup before BathCamp (which we’re sneaking into after 6.30) on the 10th May.

We will introduce ourselves, explain the aim of the group and give you all an overview of the support networks in the region for women in Bath working in the Tech Field.

Marianne Wise and Franziska Zuch have brilliantly agreed to take on the task of getting the Bath GGD on its feet which is great.

As we are only booked for the first hour we will concentrate on who's doing what in the Bath area around the women in Tech

Marianne Wise is one of the new Bath Girl Geek Dinner organisors, she will introduce herself, what she does and her interest in women in tech

Fran Zuch is the other new Bath Girl Geek Dinners organisor and runs a meetup called Meet&Speak for women who want to be more confident about speaking in public, in the workplace, at conferences, or at local meet ups. The details can be found here: https://www.meetup.com/meetup-group-uEbDnicG/events/

Serrie Chapman will then give an overview of the Womens Tech Hub, IT Girls Collaborative (run by Rosie Bennett above left) and Tech for Good (run by Annie Legge above right), which are all actively supporting women in tech in the area.

Paul Leader from BathCamp will hopefully pop his head around to introduce BathCamp to you, they have been very actively working to encourage female attendance to their meetups!

After that it will be a case of networking, pizza eating, wine drinking and finding out what our members would like us to find speakers for, subjects, suggestions, support (all the S's it seems!)
RSA Bath Meetup
6pm - 8pm

Join us for our May meetup to meet other Fellows in the Bath area.
This is a sociable networking event, with an opportunity to take forward ideas for projects and future events in an informal setting.
Come along to meet with local FRSAs in Bath whilst finding out more about the RSA, activities and potential initiatives in your area, and how you can get involved.
Throughout 2018, we are hoping to develop a series of talks, discussions, and collaborations and would welcome your input in shaping the year ahead.
Tickets are free of charge but please register your attendance at the top of this page.
Any questions, please contact Charlotte Holloway: Charlotte.Holloway@rsa.org.uk.
If you have any access requirements or require any reasonable adjustments, please let the team know: networks@rsa.org.uk. Please also let us know if you have any dietary requirements or severe allergies.
If you do not wish to receive future emails, please let us know. 
By registering for this event you agree to the sharing of your name, organisation & title and email address with the Fellow(s) and/or partner organisation(s) hosting this event. Attendees also agree to the sharing of your name, organisation and email address with other delegates at the event so that they might contact you through MyRSA or by email. If you do not wish this information to be shared, please let us know by emailing: networks@rsa.org.uk.
Thrings PM - Spring drinks
6pm - 8pm

Thrings PM
Spring Drinks
Thursday 10 May
2 Queen Square
Bath BA1 2HQ
The Wolf Wellness Club
The Wolf Wellness Club
6:30pm - 8:30pm

This is a supportive, professional group of members who meet each month to discuss their objectives, goals and share tips for entrepreneurial wellness and work life balance. Each month there is a topic we focus on and guest speakers. Come along to see what we are all about.
Community and Society
7pm - 10pm

*** Note: Matt Jukes can't make it, so Anthony Lewis is taking his place to talk about Speakr***

After all the stories of technology putting us out of work, destroying our attention spans, corrupting our kids and undermining the foundations of democracy, it's easy to forget how much good it can do :) So our positive focus for May is Community and Society and what technology can do to make them better, we have three great speakers.

Talks will begin by 7.15pm, doors will be open from 6.30. We're starting talks slightly later than usual as there will be a Bath Geek Girl Dinners event in the front room beforehand.

May's sponsors are the fantastic Rocket Makers, a Bath based agency who've been involved with our first speaker's project, along with a number of other positive community minded startups.

As always, we will provide liquid refreshments (soft-drinks, wine, beer, cider etc) and nibbles.

*** If the meetup is full, please add yourself to the waiting list anyway as we regularly have dropouts***

Miranda Khamis is the co-founder of FoodDrop (www.fooddrop.co.uk), an innovative service that connects businesses with surplus food with charities in need of it, with distribution done by volunteers. The whole thing is coordinated through their app, which lets people volunteer flexibly, track their impact, and rewards them for all their hard work. Kind of like Deliveroo, but for those in need.

Anthony Lewis will be talking about Speakr, a platform used in schools that provides a private and secure way for children to communicate with teachers and staff, and for schools to track and monitor the wellbeing of the students. Designed from the ground up for children of all ages to use, it has had a profound effect for many of the most disadvantaged children in the schools it is used in. Anthony will be talking about the child-centric design and features, and how providing a simple private communication channel in schools can help many of the children most in need of support.

Bath is a notoriously difficult city for disabled people to get around. Mark Owen of BathHacked will be talking about the technology and leg work behind their Accessible Bath project. Accessible Bath aims to map out all the accessible places in Bath and make it available online through the WheelMap project. This provides those in wheelchairs or with limited mobility essential information to help them get around more easily. It's been a tremendous success built from a mix of great technology and a lot of effort by volunteers on the ground.

**Code of Conduct**

BathCamp is for everyone, regardless of age, gender, orientation or background. BathCamp is run by volunteers, we don't charge, and we aim to make our events as accessible and welcoming as possible for both attendees and speakers. BathCamp has always strived to be a friendly and welcoming environment for all, we intend to keep it that way.

This concise Code of Conduct sets out in broad terms what is not appropriate. Anyone who behaves in a way that is not in the spirit of BathCamp will be asked to stop. If they don't they will be asked to leave. Anyone who harasses or behaves aggressively/inappropriately towards other attendees/speakers will be removed immediately.

The Rules

Be nice: We don't tolerate aggression or harassment of any form, either at BathCamp events or through the Meetup group.

Be welcoming and generous to speakers and attendees, especially new and less experienced ones.

BathCamp is about learning, there are no stupid questions at a BathCamp. We will intervene in Q&As if people are using them to buff their own egos or are putting other people down.

Keep it clean: Sexual language and imagery is not appropriate within talks, demos, workshops or Q&A sessions after talks.

If you experience or witness inappropriate behaviour at a BathCamp event, or within the Meetup group, please talk to a volunteer (mainly myself Paul Leader, or Jamie Middleton) and we will deal with the issue.
Mays Maiden Meeting of Motivated Master Monologue Makers
Bath Spa Toastmasters - Public Speaking Group
7:15pm - 9:30pm

An influx of new members recently are kicking off their Toastmasters journey and our new international speech and leadership training "Pathways" is well underway.

Our members can't wait to welcome you to this weeks meeting, tell you all about their experience and learn more about you.

Making time to improve your skills? How about:
- Learn to craft a speech with everything the course teaches us
- Get a huge buzz from delivering to the crowd
- Chat and have some time with friends, meet new ones, have fun :)

As always, speeches from our own members, Table Topics for thinking on your feet, and lots of opportunities to speak and enjoy the evening.

Everyone is welcome to attend (no cost) and we ask everyone to arrive around 7.15pm so we can start the speeches on time. So come along then join us afterwards for a drink or two - we'd love to see you!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Want to know more about the TM programs to improve both your speaking, stage presence and group skills (leadership in taking roles which make our meetings a success)?

Want to see us on Facebook?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Bath Spa Toastmasters gets your speaking, thinking and presenting skills sharper. It’s a sure way of gaining confidence, both in front of an audience and in everyday life.
Badminton (Bristol)
The Bath & Bristol Everything Meetup Group
8pm - 9pm


Badminton is booked for 8:00pm on Thursday 10th May (Main Hall court 1) at Kingsdown Sports Centre, Portland Street, BS2 8HL. All are welcome, it's a 60 minute long session and we may head to a nearby pub afterwards.

Please let me know if you are going to attend by Wednesday at the latest. I would prefer that we have at least 4 players, otherwise I may cancel the booking.

Note: When arriving at reception you will need to say that you're attending a badminton session in my name (Matthew Barker). Also, they may require that you to sign up for a (free) Everyone Active membership.

See you there,
Matt ([masked])


Q: How does it work?
A: It's pretty informal, but I would like to know in advance if you are going to attend. (If, by the day before the booking, fewer than 4 people say they are going, I may cancel the booking.) On the day, just turn up in the sports hall with your kit at the booked time and we'll play as many games as we can in the time, rotating through the available players after each one. Usually we play doubles up to 11 points, but this can vary depending on the number of players. Afterwards, we often go to a nearby pub afterwards for a drink and a chat.

Q: How often do you play?
A: Usually every two weeks.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: Between £1 and £5 per session, depending on how many people turn up, but usually between £1.50 and £2.50.

Q: What is the standard of play?
A: This is hard to specify, but it's mixed and generally not high, so a novice shouldn't find it too challenging.

Q: How many courts are booked?
A: Only one court is booked, but if there are more than 4 people we play to 11 points (rather than the usual 21) to allow waiting players to get a game more often.

Q: Who can attend?
A: It is open to all (and usually has a combination of men and women). Come along and see if it suits you.

Q: I'm new to the group, how can I find you?
A: Sometimes the expected court number will be specified in advance, otherwise if you don't fancy asking around, you can let me know you'll be coming and I can arrange to meet you.

Q: What parking facilities are there?
A: The sports centre has its own car parks and there is usually on-street parking nearby. There are also bicycle stands outside the entrance.

Q: Can I just turn up for the pub afterwards?
A: Of course, though we don't always go and the choice of pub can vary so it's best to let me know in advance.

Q: Do I need my own racquet?
A: Preferably, though you can hire one from the sports centre (currently for £2 with £5 deposit). For newcomers, I can sometimes bring a spare on request.

Q: What type of shuttles are used?
A: Feather shuttles are provided and included in the session cost.

Q: What rules do you play with?
A: We usually play using 'rally point scoring', i.e. points are scored regardless of who serves, and when the serving side loses a rally, the serve changes immediately to the opponents. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Badminton#Scoring_system_and_service.
Laughter Yoga
Bath Laughter Yoga Meetup
6:30pm - 7:30pm

We don’t laugh because we are happy – we’re happy because we laugh. Join us for a chuckle! Whether laughing is fake or real the outcome is the same. Laughing reduces stress, pain, depression, anxiety and insomnia. It makes you feel great and gives you a positive outlook on life. We ask for a contribution of £ 10 to cover expenses, concessions allowed.
Laughter Yoga
Bath Laughter Yoga Meetup
6:30pm - 7:30pm

We don’t laugh because we are happy – we’re happy because we laugh. Join us for a chuckle! Whether laughing is fake or real the outcome is the same. Laughing reduces stress, pain, depression, anxiety and insomnia. It makes you feel great and gives you a positive outlook on life.