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Ministries Mission Road Map Meeting
11:15am - 12:15pm

A Future Full of Hope
The Mission of our Parish
Bishop Declan has reminded us that we are called to be a people who share in the mission of Christ, who proclaim the Kingdom and make disciples so that the world will be transformed according to God’s plan.
He has asked us to reflect on:

Whether we work in the service of others, whether we witness to our faith; whether we show ourselves as disciples, welcome others and draw them in.
What in our parish activities we are doing well, what we could do better, and what we are not doing that God may be calling us to.

We do many things together in our parish, such as the Ministries set out on the left-hand side of our Parish Bulletin.  We should be pleased that we do many of these really well, and ambitious that we might do some of them even better.  Two meetings are now to be held for leaders or representatives of these Ministries or activities to discuss how they can respond to the Bishop’s call. 
These meetings will be held in the Parish Hall at 7 pm on 9 May, and after the main Sunday Mass on 13 May.  If you lead any of these Ministries, or take part in any other parish activity, please contact the Parish Administrator on 01225 464471 to book a place at one of these meetings: we are looking for all parish activities to be represented.
Mark Bradley, Tracey Sessions, Mark O’Sullivan on behalf of the Parish’s “A Future Full of Hope” Roadmap Group