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RIBA South West (Bath) - Going out to tender: skills and strategies
2pm - 4:30pm

Through the use of practical examples this seminar will look at strategic and detailed aspects of preparing for tender, the process, and post tender negotiations.
Divided into two parts, this seminar will firstly explore strategic matters, followed by the detailed aspects of preparing for tender, the process and post tender negotiations.
Each session explores:Session 1:

Different procurement routes and their implications on the stage and type of tendering
Possible roles for the architect in the tender process: liability to client and contractor for tender related advice and services
Selecting the form of procurement and contract: implications for tendering
Different types of tenders and processes, recommended procedures, requirements of different client bodies
Tendering for different types and scales of projects, both domestic and commercial.

Session 2:

Different types of contracts, and their implications for tendering and the tendering package
Specialist sub-contractor’s packages and input, incorporating these into the procurement route, tender process and contractual arrangements
Client requirements for the process and advising the client
The tender package: key elements, procedures and responsibility for preparation
Reviewing the tender submissions, post-tender procedure and negotiations
How to select the right contractor?
Setting up the contract: know your contract and what it commits you to

Sarah Lupton, Lupton StellakisProfessor Sarah Lupton is a partner in Lupton Stellakis and directs the Master of Design Administration and the Diploma in Professional Practice at the Welsh School of Architecture. She is dual qualified as an architect and as a lawyer. She lectures widely on subjects relating to construction law and is the author of many books including a series on JCT contracts (4th editions 2017), the Guide to the RIBA Domestic and Concise Building Contracts, Which Contract? (new edition forthcoming in 2018)and the 5th edition of Cornes and Lupton’s Design Liability in the Construction Industry. Sarah contributes regularly to the International Construction Law Review, acts as an arbitrator, adjudicator and expert witness inconstruction disputes and is also chair of the CIC’s Liability Panel and the CIC LiabilityChampion.
Core Curriculum topics
1. Procurement and contracts2. Business, clients and services3. Legal, regulatory and statutory compliance

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Toy Models and Playful Science
3:15pm - 4:15pm

Toy Models and Playful Science

IMI Public Lecture, University of Bath Time: 3.15 - 4.15pm  (Tea and coffee from 2.45pm)
On Wednesday 23 May, Professor Tadashi Tokieda from Stanford University will give a talk about rediscovering the eyes of a child in science, rather than pursuing well-established topics that we assume should interest us.
Tadashi invents, collects, and studies toys - simple objects from daily life that can be found or made in minutes, yet which, if played with imaginatively, exhibit behaviours so surprising that they intrigue scientists for weeks.
Have you ever watched a small child being given a toy? Often the child pays no attention to the intended gift but will happily play with the wrapping paper and box instead. Grown-ups, on the other hand, tend to pay attention only to the parts of science already labelled as interesting.  
I am suggesting that in science we rediscover the eyes of a child and explore phenomena that appeal to our personal experience, which we make interesting, rather than just pursue well-established topics that we have been led to assume should interest us.
Established sciences are important. But alongside these sciences in the flower, there are also sciences in the bud. This lecture invites you to start looking for those buds, through simple yet surprising toys.
The lecture will include table top demos of such toys, together with simple, robust modelling of what is going on. The theme that emerges is singularity.
Professor Tadashi Tokieda

Tadashi Tokieda grew up as a painter in Japan, became a classical philologist in France, before switching careers to mathematics (PhD Princeton), and he now does most of his research in physics.  
He is a professor of mathematics at Stanford University and active in outreach, especially via the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences near Cape Town. He is also slated to give a plenary public lecture at the International Congress of Mathematicians in Rio de Janeiro in August 2018.

This talk is FREE to attend and open to all with a ticket.
For further information, please email s.terry@bath.ac.uk.