Local Events Bath

A slow walk in an enchanted landscape
Walknow, (dis)enchanted walking arts. Bath
10am - 1pm

A slow walk around part of the Capability Brown designed landscape features of Newton Park. A very slow walk. I am interested to explore a deliberate slow down of our movement and combine that with moments of sharing thoughts as well as general knowledge of the site. I work there and know some bits! We will walk and listen. We will stop and share. The walk goes ahead regardless of the weather I will post a weather update. Bring water and snacks. Cameras, smart devices...sketch books. I will bring sharing notebooks.

There is parking on site and a regular bus service U5 from Bath Bus station

Please RSVP one way or another, on site you will be my guests.
Bath Treasure Hunt with 20% off at the finishing Treasure (the pub)
10am - 10pm

The Great Game is a daily exciting Treasure Hunt that you do on your own time when ever you want around the beautiful City of Bath. Upon purchasing your ticket please email info@ggtreasurehunts.com to redeem. There a different tickets for different groups of people. 
Single route - for 1-2 people or 3-4 people is great for seeing the sights and using your brain.
Once the ticket is redeemed via email your treasure hunt pack will be mailed out to you so please provided your address in your email. Each pack includes discount wrist bands for each player, a clipboard, a real compass, a map, the clues sheet, a prize sheet, a brief history of Bath and a pen.
Let us know the time you wish to begin your hunt and we will book you a table at the finishing "Treasure" a historic Bath Pub steeped in History, where you will 20% off your food and drink bill.
The Hunt starts at Bath Train Station and takes roughly 2-3 hours to complete, solving clues and riddles and puzzles as you wind through Bath viewing the sites of the city and trying to find the "Treasure" - The pub, where you simply show your Treasure Hunt wrist band to the staff to get your 20% discount on your food and drink bill.
You will be sure to have a fantastic half day or evening out!
Lazy Sunday Morning Coffee And Chat
Bath And District- Anything-goes Social Society
10:30am - 12pm

It's been a while since I did a Sunday morning coffee, so back to my old favourite and then it's self- explanatory really ......... Come along for a drink and a chat.....
Bath ML Mini-Conference
Bath Machine Learning Meetup
1pm - 5pm

We're organising a day of multiple talks by the members of our community. Note: The schedule may look slightly different on the day.


12:45 - Doors open

13:15 - 14:15 Deep Learning with Keras - Owen Jones

Do you like the idea of waking up on a Monday morning, looking in the bathroom mirror, smiling, and saying "I am a deep learning expert"?

Actually, you can do that whenever you like (well, as long as it's a Monday morning). But what if you genuinely DID know enough about deep learning to impress your friends/family/colleagues/household pets with some cool theory and kickass code?

BathML is here to help. We're going to use Keras to build a convolutional neural network for classifying time series data.

And whenever we organise these workshops, we have to choose a language; and whichever one we choose, people get upset because we haven't chosen their favourite. So we've made a decision, and we're going to do it in R.

And Python.

At. The. Same. Time.

It's like Batman vs Superman, but if Batman and Superman were actually really great friends and also if they were both popular open source statistical programming languages. It's going to be epic. Don't miss it.


14:30 - 15:15 Thomas Perryman - Generating Images with Variational Autoencoders (VAE)

“Sampling from a latent space of images to create entirely new images or edit existing ones is currently the most popular and successful application of creative AI.”
- François Chollet (primary author and maintainer of Keras)

First we’ll look at how autoencoders can be created and used for data compression. With a tweak, these models can be converted into something that can generate new images from a dataset. These models are called Variational Autoencoders, which try to find the latent variables (the hidden parameters) which can be manipulated to generate images. See the following webpage for an interactive example: http://vdumoulin.github.io/morphing_faces/online_demo.html
Variational Autoencoders have been around since 2013, and much has been written about how to generate images, the next step in my research is to look at how to use this technique to generate audio timbres.


15:30 - 16:15 - Austeja P - Mathematics in ML and how I learnt it.

SVM, hierarchical clustering, logistic regression... there are a lot of mathematical terms that come up when reading literature on machine learning. Austeja will talk about how she learnt the ML maths and hopefully help you understand some of those terms. If you have any mathematical terms you'd like to understand better, please let us know here! https://goo.gl/forms/35PF6rDVPEET5AHz2


16:25 - 16:45 You - Lightning talks (schedule may be longer or shorter depending on interest)

Lightning talks are 5-10 minute talks where anyone can talk about something they're passionate about - assuming it's at least tangential to Machine Learning ;)

If you would like to do a lightning talk about anything even slightly related to ML please contact the organisers. We are more than happy to help you prepare and get everything set up if you are new to speaking.


16:45 - 17:00 Austeja P - The past, present and future of Bath ML.

It's been almost two years since we started the Meetup and we will soon be handing over the group to new organisers. We'd like to summarise the activities we had so far and share the experiences we had as organisers.


As always, we'll be providing refreshments on the day - and if people are not too exhausted from all the ML we might head to a local watering hole.
Walking Festival Preview
1pm - 2:30pm

As part of Festival of Nature and to preview 2018's Bathscape Walking Festival, take a walk with us from Sydney Gardens along the canal to Bathampton Mill.
We will take a stroll along the canal, seeing what wildlife we spot along the way. You can find out more about Bathscape projects. 
We will arrive at Bathampton Mill in plenty of time to meet up with Avon Wildlife Trust, for those who have booked  on the tour of Bathampton Meadows.  For those not joining the Trust, you can walk back with us or take the boat or bus back into the centre.
This event is free, but booking is essential.
Bathampton Meadow Wildlife walk
2:30pm - 4pm

Sunday 3 June, 2:30pm-4:00pm, Bathampton Meadow Nature Reserve – Free event
Join Avon Wildlife Trust’s Joe McSorley on a guided walk around Bathampton Meadow nature reserve, usually accessible by permit only. Explore the man-made wet meadows and ox-bow lake, an ideal environment for a range of dragonfly and damselfly visiting in high numbers. Enjoy the abundance of wildflowers, see if you can catch a glimpse of a sand martin or kingfisher and learn about the history of the site.
This walk has been planned to coordinate with the Walking Festival Preview canal walk from Bath led by the Bathscape team, or the Pulteney Princess boat trips along the river so why not make a day of it and fully explore Bath’s wonderful riverside nature.
If you would like to join the Walking Festival canal walk from 1pm-2.30pm and walk to meet us, you can book your tickets here. 
If you would like to take a boat trip on the Pulteney Princess and come by water to meet us, you can find more information about times and prices here. 
If you would like to simply join us on the walk, we will meet at Bathampton Mill car park, BA2 6TS, at 2.30pm, Sunday June 3. The walk will last approximately 1.5 hours
Contact Improvisation Jam and Warmup Bath
Contact Improvisation Jam Group Bath
6pm - 8pm

Hello everyone. We will start by introducing ourselves, where we are, who we are, gender identities, injuries and relationship to Contact. For the very first session I am going to lead a warmup that will last around half an hour or more this time exploring sound and movement around falling.

During this we will be bringing ourselves into an explorative place where we will begin grazing and interacting with others. This will slowly develop into a soft and gentle introduction to contact where all abilities are welcome to respect and honour each other. Please bring warm, comfortable clothes for moving and sweating in, water, music if you would like, ideas, an open mind and a respect for everyone attending.

We have changed venues to St Marks Community Centre in Bath, 21 St Marks Road. There is some parking but please come early to secure this or park nearby.

For more information please message me here and I will post a number closer to the event that you can call.

Please take responsibility for your own health and safety during this group.

Long Running Events:

English Wine Week
26th May - 3rd June

A national celebration of English Wine.
Visit us during English Wine Week 2018 for an extended range of English wines available by the taster & glass, plus a selection of exclusive retail offers & discounts. For one week only!
Pencil To Paint: Apr - Jun 2018
18th April - 13th June

“I think that painting today is pure intuition and luck.”
Francis Bacon on Matthew Smith (1909-1992)
For most of us, our relationship with art begins with a line. We take a pencil or a crayon and delineate our idea. In our enthusiasm, we may even attempt to colour it in. In the experience of many, that attempt leads only to disappointment. We know that a painting is more than just a coloured-in drawing, but how do we do it? What exactly is the difference?
This course explores the gulf between drawing and painting and then seeks to provide a bridge between the two disciplines. Beginning with simple pencil studies, we will then develop our work in both charcoal and ink, gaining confidence in our abilities, before embarking on five weeks of painting in bold colour.
This course is open to all-comers and is ideal for beginners or those who wish to take their art in a new direction. 
The theme for this particular 8 week Pencil To Paint course will be abstraction and we will look at how form, gesture and emotion all play their part in successful picture-making, regardless of genre.
Topics will include:
Line, measurement and proportion
Colour: theory and mixing
Tables and chairs and a roll of newsprint paper are provided. Please bring a drawing board, paper or pad and your preferred drawing media. Materials required for sessions using colour will be discussed nearer the time.
Tea, coffee and biscuits will be available for a small donation.
16:30 - 18:00
Wednesdays:  18, 25 April; 02, 09, 23, 30 May; 06, 13 June (8 x 1.5 hour sessions)