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From Stressed to Calm in One Day
9:30am - 5pm

From Stressed to Calm in One Day
Friday 15 June 2018: 09.30 - 17.00
Bath England
Life can be busy, difficult and harsh at times. We can become stressed and our bodies, minds and relationships will then suffer. This day is an antidote to this; it will show you how to stop this from happening to you.

This is an opportunity for self-renewal and increased self-awareness, so you see the value to you of whatever enters your life. It is a day when you start to learn how to release the grip stress has on you.
This day is for you, if you wish to:

Learn easy, quick techniques to counter stress when it appears and to prevent it from having such a tight grip on you.

Spend a day in a positive, secure, friendly, supportive environment in which discussion and openness can be encouraged.

Know more about why you become stressed and why your brain is so biased towards being negative.

Understand how stress disrupts your sleep and learn techniques to relax.

Discover whether meditation is for you or how better to stick at a meditation practice.

 Included in the price is:

Tuition in many practical, successful techniques to counter the effects of stress in your life, including mindfulness and meditation.

Full notes will be given after the day.

A group one-hour weekly accountability session for four weeks.

A one-to-one Skype call with me within a month of the course arranged at a time to suit.

Lunch, cold and hot drinks throughout the day.