Local Events Bath

Digital Makers at the Guild
12:30pm - 2:30pm

Do you feel that there should be more emoji, such as unicorns, kittens or you! Ever wanted to make your own emoji, your favourite games, or digital stories? Do you want to learn about electronics and robotics, and program things to move? 
Digital Makers at the Guild, every Saturday 12.30 til 2.30pm
Students aged 8 to 15, come and learn all there is to know about coding. To start with, you can work on creating your own emojis, interactive graphics, websites, digital stories, games, and much more. 
During Digital Makers sessions, you can also have fun making interactive physical things putting together LittleBits or soldering electronic kits.
We also have Ozobots, microbits, and a parrot drone which is programmable with Tickle on the iPads.
We have a limited number of iPads and laptops, so if you have a laptop or iPad, please bring it along!
We won't be able to run the sessions on:
* 24th March, due to a family wedding.
* 26th May & 2nd June, due to attending the International Conference of Software Engineering in Gothenburg
* 21st July, due to running a family creative programming day at the Farnborough International Airshow 2018.
Introduction to Fermentation
2pm - 5pm

Discover the world of fermented foods and drinks with Bath Culture House. Learning the science behind fermentation and the many health benefits, and how to include beneficial bacteria, yeasts, antioxidants, vitamins and enzymes into your diet. Discover and sample Sauerkraut, Kimchi, Kombucha, Water Kefir, Milk Kefir and Cultured Nut Cheese. We will discuss how to introduce these live and active foods into your daily diet and lifestyle, and gain recipe ideas for adults, children and the family.  This is a great introduction to fermentation and Bath Culture House’s Fabulously Fermented vegan and gluten free products.
A little bit about Lucie…
Lucie is Head Fermenter at Bath Culture House where she creates artisan and handcrafted raw, vegan and gluten free Kombucha’s, Sauerkrauts and Kimchi. Educated as a biologist here in Bath, she is a lover of all living things with a particular passion for gut health, plant-biology and fungi.
Her interest in the ancient art of fermentation began during a career as an award-winning cheese maker on the north Cornish coast. It became clear that honing this craft was her calling, and she left the world of cheesemaking to pursue it.
Lucie now teaches the art of fermentation to others as a way to better health through simple, good quality ingredients and probiotic goodness.