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The Dean's Talk on Trust and Trustworthy Leadership
10:15am - 11:45am

Professor Veronica Hope Hailey -  Vice-President (Corporate Relations) and Dean & Head of the School of Management
In this special talk Veronica will explore the concepts of trust and trustworthy leadership with you- trust in our leaders, trust in managers and trust in organisations.
Veronica's research focuses on the link between Business Strategy, HR Strategy and Change Management. Her most recent work has focused on the repair of trust following the financial crisis, culminating in a series of reports for the CIPD, "where has all the trust gone?", "Cultivating Trustworthy Leaders" and "Experiencing Trustworthy Leadership".
In 2015 she published two CIPD reports with Professor Julia Balogun on "Landing Transformational Change". This research was undertaken within 14 organisations, including the John Lewis Partnerships, GKN, Norton Rose, HMRC and a banking group. Veronica has also researched internationally comparing employee engagement and performance management in the UK, India and China and The Netherlands.