Local Events Bath

Silas Neptune (Ozric Tentacles) & Saskia Maxwell @ The Bell, Bath.
8pm - 11:30pm

Critically acclaimed Cornish songstress Saskia Maxwell joins forces with Space Rock hero Silas Neptune to create unique, original, ambient Celtic space-folk! Catch Silas and Saskia perform an intimate show in the back bar of The Bell, Bath before they support Soft Machine on tour in November. https://www.facebook.com/SaskiaMaxwell/https://www.facebook.com/silasneptunemusic/

Silas Neptune is the keyboard player for the UK Cult Indie band Ozric Tentacles. His newly released debut solo album “The Scales of Tahuti” is a journey through secret realms and far off dreamscapes, an exploration of the nature of the cosmos. Recorded in Colorado atop a mountain amongst the clouds, the music takes us high above the world for a while.Silas is a unique musician with an evocative sense of harmony and a knack for enchanting melodies. Navigating a range of instruments, primarily synthesizers and guitar, but also Turkish saz and fretless bass. In his hidden sonic laboratory, Silas experiments with musical alchemy, creating multidimensional soundscapes which take us intoSince before he understood what music was, Silas was submerged in the swirling psychedelic sounds of Ozric Tentacles, his father Ed Wynne being the lead and founding member. As a child, Silas’s bedroom was directly above Ed’s studio and he would hear otherworldly frequencies resonating the floorboards as he drifted into Dreamtime. Inevitably the harmonic currents surrounding him were too much to resist. He first entered the musical domain as a guitarist before learning keyboards and joining the Ozrics to take responsibility for a multitude of strange noises and daring synth lines in odd time signatures.“The Scales of Tahuti” takes us through whirlpool mandalas into colourful dream worlds woven with the fabric of synthesis. While there are no lyrics, the songs tell stories open to our own imagination. The album guests various members of the Ozric family: Ed Wynne, Brandi Wynne, Joie Hinton (Eat Static), Mantismash and more. His musical influence comes from many sources, reaching back to classics of Maurice Ravel and Debussy and forward through time to Tipper, Ott, Shpongle and the alien dreams of Jon Hassell. Often experimenting with the use of microtonal intonation to intensify the evocations within the harmonies; Ancient Pythagorean tunings, Turkish intonations, and use of quartertones to create new unheard Scales and Modes. Silas breaks the rules of traditional music while still paying homage and respect to its roots.Endorsed by KIF guitars Saskia Maxwell is a singer, songwriter guitarist, and flutist who hails from Cornwall in the UK. Whilst her 3 previous EPs have encompassed soulful jazz styles and exuberant folk songs, her more recent performances display a new found purpose and grace and are suggestive of a move towards a more otherworldly and ethereal folk style. Her new songs are explorative of many moods and perspectives that share a common purpose of being spiritually provocative and invigorating. At just 22 Saskia has gigged extensively and has performed over 600 shows and festivals in the UK alone. She has supported the likes of Ralph McTell, Rae Morris, JP Cooper, and Rachel Sermanni.Born into a musical family, Saskia has always been surrounded by music and was classically trained on guitar, flute and piano from an early age. She is inspired by bands like Pentangle, Fairport Convention, Dead Can Dance and Cocteau Twins.