Local Events Bath

Spirituality in Action
Bath Meditation Group
2pm - 4pm

Our spiritual powers, the powers of our soul, engender peace of mind and a positive approach to life. In this workshop, we will explore what spiritual powers we have and how we can use them in our daily life.

Facilitated by Rupdaye Chaitram, who is an experienced meditator and has a passion for diving deep into the sub-conscious and releasing the good stuff that is latent in the self. She has been studying and teaching Raja Yoga with the Brahma Kumaris for 18 years, in the Caribbean, Canada and the UK. As well as being a busy professional in Social Care, Rupdaye co-ordinates activities in the Gwent area.
Walking Meditation
Walking Meditation in Bath
3pm - 4pm

Hi all! Thanks for the huge interest. Here are the details of our first meetup.

We will start with an introductory hello, and a brief discussion of what walking meditation is and what you can expect from it. This will also be an opportunity to see what expectations you might have, so we all know where we are starting out from as a group.

Then we’ll take part in a short grounding meditation. This will be a body scan meditation, which has a great way of getting you ready for the main event.

After that, we’ll go through the basic practice for the week. In this first week, we will be using a Pranayama-style walking meditation, which involves walking while counting breaths. In later weeks, we will utilize other methods, such as mindfulness, Zen walking meditation, and general awareness.

Then comes the main event – walking! We’ll engage in just 20 minutes or so of this quiet walking meditation, as it is only the first meetup.

Afterwards we can discuss the meditation, what matched up with expectations and what was surprising.

A few things to note:

Firstly, please make sure you wear footwear that you are happy walking in. It sounds obvious, but it’s important that you’re comfortable. It will be an easy walk, on grass and pathways, so just whatever you would normally wear for that. Also ensure you are warm enough, as we won’t be walking fast enough to really warm the body – and feeling cold might be something of a distraction!

Please bring a bottle of water with you as well.

I am hopeful that this will be a gentle and easygoing introduction to walking meditation. If you have never done walking meditation, you should find this to be a good insight into it. If you have never meditated at all, any more than twenty minutes would likely be too long. It’s going to be fairly informal, so please feel free to pop along and to bring anyone with you who might want to come.

Thank you, and please do get in touch with any questions you might have.
Drawing Social
Bath drawing meetup
3pm - 5pm

Meet with people who also like drawing! There's no set theme so you can draw whatever you heart desires. Skills don't matter. Basically, at this event, you go to a cafe to draw and other humans happen to be there for the same purpose. It's really casual.

I find it hard to draw and talk at the same time so in this social, you're not judged for not talking. It's safe to be antisocial at this meetup! Of course, you can talk as much as you want.

Just bring your drawing kit and some money for drinks. You must buy a drink or food (or both) to support the cafe we meet at. I also ask for £1 donation each time you come. Please hand it to me when you join the table. (Meetup charges the organiser to run a group so I really appreciate the contribution.)
Saturday social
Bath Girls and Guys 20s and 30s (ish)
8pm - 11pm

Drinks and entertainment, starting at Hall & Woodhouse and then moving on to somewhere livelier ...
Free music with Ruzz Guitar Blues Revue at the Royal Oak, Bath
The Bath & Bristol Everything Meetup Group
9pm - 11pm

I saw Ruzz Guitar Blues Revue in Frome recently and he was superb. Playing great rock and roll/rockabilly he is launching his latest CD at the Royal Oak, Lower Bristol Road in Bath. He will have his great band backing him, including the brilliant Mike Hoddinot on drums, Blues man Pete Gage and a brass section, this is going to be a fantastic evening. I will limit this to 15 members as I'm not sure how big the venue is but be prepared for a busy night. Look forward to seeing you there.