Local Events Bath

Emotional Healing with Essential Oils
8pm - 10pm

Illuminate, Connect, Embrace & Reflect on a New Outlook of Your Old Self
We will be exploring the emotional aspects of doTerra's essential oils:
These pure oils and blends will guide you to inner places you feel instinctively drawn to - and those you might be trying to avoid.You will find out which of the 10 blends suit you best and how to get you started on this exiting journey into heart and soul.
The workshop will close with a guided meditation, encouraging you to release trapped energy and connect to your source.
Make your own personal blend to take with you, together with a customary bottle of Wild Orange, "The Oil of Abundance".And as always we'll come up with a little gustatory surprise treat..2 hour workshop and time for Q&A afterwards - we look forward to meeting you!
Introduction to the top 10+ DoTerra Oils and Supplements
8pm - 9:30pm

This class is for everyone who is interested to learn how to reinvent healthcare at home using nature's own pharmacy, certified pure essential oils. We will focus on empowering solutions for everyday health challenges.
Always with a little gustatory surprise treat..
1 hour presentation and a bit of time for Q&A afterwards - we look forward meeting you!

Free of charge