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Bath Business Guide 2018 | Launch
7:30am - 9:30am

We are launching a Bath Chronicle Business Guide.This is an exciting time for Bath, with so much development under way or proposed in the city. At the same time, the need to preserve the special character that makes us want to live or work in the city is always paramount.There are challenges too. A shortage of office space is pushing growing businesses out of Bath and stifling our potential. Transport, congestion and pollution remain challenges yet to be solved.The business community needs to be kept informed if it is to play a leading role in shaping our city.That’s why we will be publishing the first Bath Chronicle Business Guide on Thu 22 Mar 2018.The guide will highlight the biggest businesses in the area and include insight and analysis on the big issues in the city such as housing, the office space shortage, transport and infrastructure and more.It will also be a springboard for the launch of the 2018 Bath Business Awards.Exclusively published with the Bath Chronicle on Thu 22 Mar 2018.Join us for the momentous launch and join business leaders from across the West Country at one of Bath's most historical sites.AGENDA
7.30am - 8.00am: Guests Arrival For Networking & Breakfast Buffet8.00am - 8.45am: Welcome From Gavin Thompson & Presentations (Including Speech From Tarquin McDonald around “Work, Life, Play” and to address the audience in regard to the Stadium for Bath)8.45am - 9.30am: Networking9.30am - Guests To Depart
We look forward to seeing you there!
Spring Meet up
Ladies of Bath Book/Wine Meetup
7pm - 11:59pm

• What we'll do
Hi new and existing members!

First off, huge apologies for the delay in formally organising (i work a lot of nights and have a tendency to fall out civilisation for a while).

Also, have realised that the book; "Girls burn brighter"- is only available to Kindle.
I know not everyone has a kindle, and many, like me, love the opportunity to add to their bookshelves.
For those who don't have a kindle and would like an alternative discussion, i'd like to recommend one of my personal favourites:

"And the Mountains echoed"- Khaled Hosseini.

It doesn't have the same level of drama as the "The kite runner"; It's more of an easy read.
But it's a fantastic book by, in my opinion, one of the most wonderful writers of this century!
There are lots in interesting characters, with interweaving stories, which manage to touch you in their own way. I've always been fascinated by Frigyes Karinthys concept of "the six degrees of separation" which is alluded to in this book, but i'll say no more! This will be the 4th meetup of this bookclub and it's so exciting to see that it's gaining momentum, as i initially wasn't sure how many would be interested.
Now we've established a bit of a routine, i thought, it'd be good to add a little structure. I'll prepare a few questions/ topics to make it a little easier!

That being said, it's still a very informal and open thing, so there is by no means any pressure to buy or read any of the books. It's still great to meet and chat with lots of different people about different books and and different things! I have an idea of a lovely venue but have been unable to confirm capacity yet. I should be able to do so in next couple of days, so will update soon.
Either way- it will be in central Bath. Any new joiners are very welcome!!

Please feel free to message with any questions. Looking forward to seeing/ meeting you all! Tracy

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• Important to know
Meetup at a pub close to the centre of Bath
Bath Friends from around the World
7pm - 10pm

Cosy Club is a spacious pub close to the centre of Bath (nearly opposite Debenhams) and within easy reach of the bus station and train station. Afterwards we can consider going for tapas at the nearby Tapas Revolution afterwards if people should be interested. Once we've met up and I know final numbers I can go and reserve a table. This time the meetup is on a Thursday so it should not be too busy!
The Guild Bath- Social Evenings
7pm - 10:30pm

For one week only, The Guild Games Night is being taken over by the Bath Ruby Conference, who are kindly sponsoring enough food, drink and sweet board games goodness for up to 50 people. We'll be opening up more spaces to play, have more food to choose from, and whether you're a gaming novice or addict, you'll find something to suit you. We'll have regulars on hand to help, and overall our group is really friendly and informal, so please come even if your last board games experience was monopoly- we'll have all kinds of games on offer too. There will also be casual gaming on the big screen via the PS4.

There will be a bar open throughout the night and food later on, all fully sponsored by our friends at the Bath Ruby Conference.
Another great evening of speeches, thinking on your feet, meeting of minds....
Bath Spa Toastmasters - Public Speaking Group
7:15pm - 9:30pm

More Details to follow

Afterall, we like to keep it fresh and current....

Making time to improve your skills? How about:
- Learn to craft a speech with everything the course teaches us
- Get a huge buzz from delivering to the crowd
- Chat and have some time with friends, meet new ones, have fun :)

As always, speeches from our own members, including Clive Stocker's "Lessons from Granddad: How to be a Multi Millionaire" Table Topics for thinking on your feet, and lots of opportunities to speak and enjoy the evening.

Everyone is welcome to attend (no cost) and we ask everyone to arrive around 7.15pm so we can start the speeches on time. So come along then join us afterwards for a drink or two - we'd love to see you!

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Want to know more about the TM programs to improve both your speaking, stage presence and group skills (leadership in taking roles which make our meetings a success)?

Want to see us on Facebook?

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Bath Spa Toastmasters gets your speaking, thinking and presenting skills sharper. It’s a sure way of gaining confidence, both in front of an audience and in everyday life.
Pub Quiz
Bath Girls and Guys 20s and 30s (ish)
7:30pm - 11pm

• What we'll do
Pub quiz. Thinking caps on! Starts at 8 but feel free to join us earlier.
Learn to dance in one night for FREE! *NOTE NEW VENUE!*
The Bath & Bristol Everything Meetup Group
7:45pm - 11pm

Learn to dance in one night for FREE!


Ceroc is partner dancing and has been described as a cross between jive, ballroom, tango and salsa. I find it much easier to learn than Salsa though. As I often go I thought it would be a fun thing to put on for others to try too. Maybe you've thought about trying it, but have been unsure when would be a good time. Well, this is a good time!

After several successful evenings before I've been asked to put it on again. We will meet in the entrance hall. I've put 7.45pm as the start time to allow for people to arrive a little later, but please try and make it before 8pm. If there's a problem say you are with the Meetup group, they should be expecting you!

The actual dancing starts at 8pm. After a brief warm-up there will be a beginner's class for 40 minutes, then ten minutes of free dancing. It's a good chance to dance with someone more experienced too! Then there is a beginner's revision class until 9.30pm. After that there is free dancing, right up to eleven o'clock if you want. Although there will be a chance to chat at various points of the evening, (especially at the beginning) this is more a dancing evening than a social event.


The full address is: St Phillip & James Church, 35 Frome Road, Bath, BA2 2QF

Free street parking is available in side streets near the venue.

Sorry regular dancers, but please note that the free entry is only offered if it is your first time dancing at Ceroc. You are more than welcome to pay and still attend though. However, if you have joined already, and bring a new member from outside Meetup, then you can both get in for free. Please let me know in the comments if you plan to do this.
CHARITY PUB QUIZ- St. James' Wine Vaults BATH
Bath And District- Anything-goes Social Society
8:15pm - 10:30pm

CHARITY PUB QUIZ - By popular demand


ARRIVE EARLY to grab seats please - 8pm would be good for those who can.

Starts 9pm sharp.

Each team member pays £1.

1st place - £25.
2nd place - bottle of wine or a box of chocolates.
3rd place - a box of chocolates.

BONUS: Snowball at the end with rolling cash prize if not won.

This is a good quality quiz with variety.

Full details: http://www.stjameswinevaults.co.uk/Charity.html

Supporting Dorothy House & Julian House Charities.