API Documentation

We don't think that every website should have to spend time entering event details for the events they want to display. We can do that for you!

All of the data available through the website is also available through an API for you use to include events into your own site's listings. Just credit us as the data provider!


There is currently only one endpoint. It returns all current & future events. Make a standard HTTP GET request to the following URL (note that you must use the secure https:// URL, not http://):


Send the Authorization header in your GET request:
Authorization: YOUR_API_KEY
To get an API Key, contact us.

Return Format

      "name":"Haunted Holburne",
      "description":"Turn the Historic Holburne into the Haunted Holburne by making a creepy collage that would make a ghoulish ghost gasp!",
      "formatname":"Festival or Fair"
   ...more events here...

Times & Dates

Times & Dates are all sent as GMT, so you'll need to adjust for display during summer.
Start & End Times & dates may not be given if we only know part of it. Eg. a long running event that runs from 10th Sep - 12th Dec might not have start/end times, only dates.)
The end date / time may not be known. In this case enddate / endtime will be null. Eg. a meetup that starts at 6pm, but goes on until everyone leaves.
You should expect any combination of start/end time/date to be null / not-null and make sure your code handles all 8 cases.

Caching & Rate Limiting

We cache our responses on our CDN for up to an hour, so there is no need to poll more frequently that that for updates.
If you will be making more than 1000 requests a day using a single API Key, we request that you cache the response on your own server and serve from there. If you prefer not to cache, contact us for increased rate limit or additional options.

Licencing, Attribution & Legal

Data is provided "as is" and we make no guarantees of the correctness of data. Some events may not be suitable for all audiences.

Do not resell or redistribute the raw data. You can obviously display the events on your own website, but please send any downstream consumers to this API directly- do not redistribute the events yourself in a format meant for reuse (JSON, XML, through an API, etc.). Contact us if you have a good reason for wanting to do this.

Please show an attribution message on any page where you use data from everyevent, and include a link back to http://everyevent.today. eg.

Events data provided by <a href="https://everyevent.today">Every Event Today</a>

We reserve the right to discontinue access to the API or website at any time, for one or all users, or to modify the format of the returned data (although we'll try not to do this without fair warning).


£100 / month for access to the feed of all events in Bath. Unlimited API calls. Contact us to discuss discounts for charities, startups, CICs or other public-good organisations.

Bugs & Support

Please contact us if you find any bugs, or have any questions about the API or site in general. If you need help integrating the events into your site, we may be able to help.